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oh, mr. hand web! I luff you! or did.

This wasn't the best choice I ever made.

Ok so I had just finished stretching my ears and I was so fascinated by body modification and piercings. I wanted to do so much more, but then I had to come to my senses. I'm 14 years old and looking forward to suspension and nape piercings. My mom would never go for anything but stretching my ears. So then rebellion set in, even though it was something minor and...once again pointless.

I grabbed a pack of needles from my parent's room after the left. I didn't even think to numb my hand, only because I've done this close to five times before and it didn't hurt a bit. I cleaned the needle as best I could (but it wasn't good enough) and swallowed hard, at the same time pushing the needle as hard as I could through my hand web. I wasn't expecting blood because my attempts previous to this hardly bled at all. But there was more blood this time than I thought there would be. My mom knocked on the door and walked in, I grabbed my pillow and acted like I was trying to sow the pillowcase. She bought it....sighs

That night I decided to just put a safety pin through my little piercing and that everything would be all fine and dandy. I hate safety pins. I forgot to sterilize it before I put it in (my first mistake, well I guess using a safety pin would be my first biggest mistake). It started to turn bright red and throb. When I went to switch the needle and put in the pin, I waited to long and the hole on the other end began to close. I freaked out and shoved the needle right back in. Only this time the end of the needle came out in a different spot. I felt the needle break through every layer of skin and I loved it. So I got the safety pin in, and went to bed. All night I tossed and turned. I would wake up and find myself clenching my hand. It really hurt, but I figured I was just being a wuss about it.

The next day at school I had PE. And go figure, we were playing football. Now how was I supposed to use my freshly pierced hand in football? What if it ripped out? I didn't want to put stress on it or have it migrate, so being the dumbass that I am, I put a band-aid over my piercing. I don't think I could have done anything worse at the moment. So I got out on the field and everything worked out fine. Until I took off the band aid and saw that it was bleeding pretty bad. At lunch I washed off the blood and figured everything was fine. Of course some of my friends saw and wanted to hear all about it. Some of them touched it and I didn't think anything was wrong with that. But just figure, they've been touching all sorts of shit all day, what if it gets in my piercing?

I got home, threw off my backpack and headed to my room where I would proceed to shove a hoop type earring through my piercing. I had very few problems getting the earring in. The only thing I needed to worry about now was keeping my parents from seeing it. I'm happy to say they never did see it.

Well I went to school the next day, showing off my pride and joy (yes I know it's just a hand web piercing). All day I just wanted to stare at it and possibly do another piercing. It was utterly addicting to me. During computer applications is began to bleed and I could feel it start to throb again. This continued for about five days. Then I decided to take it out.

Well I had been waiting all day to find someone who could help me. I could not get the damn earring out. My hand web had started to hurt so bad, I was in tears. So my friend Carmen decides to help me out at lunch. I pulled from one side, she pulled from the other. And it wouldn't come out! It took us 3 tries...3! And every time, it got worse, and worse. So we FINALLY get it out, and there's this hard lump time thing in my hand web. I thought it might just be scar tissue. That is, until it started bleeding everywhere and puss oozed out. I ran to the bathroom, yes literally ran, and ended up running into a few people. But I was in shock. My beloved hand web piercing in which I loved so much had become this mound of puss and whatnot. I squeezed all the juices out and cleaned it off. Yes my friends, this was the end of my sniff hand web piercing. seriously now, I wouldn't do this ever again. On my own that is. I have many other piercing adventures that have gone down the same path. People, don't pierce yourselves. Leave it to the people who do it for a living. Besides, hand web piercings don't last that long.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 2002
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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