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Emulating a Porn Star

Looking back, I can't honestly say it was something I'd been yearning for, or that I'd always wanted. It was more along the lines of something I'd come across here on BME; something I'd liked, and which had insinuated itself into my subconscious, ready to pop out unexpectedly when I least expected it. A Madison!

Certainly not the average run-of-the-mill-stuff. But the more I thought about it, and researched it, the more tempted I became. Visually appealing, discreet (i.e. hidden from prying eyes at work)... it seemed to have everything going for it. So, one day in January this year, I popped along to Piercing World - my regular piercers' - in my lunch hour, and asked. The initial reaction from Lucy was 'No, we don't do them'. Disappointed though I was, I tuned into the nuances.......she'd said that they didn't do them, not that they couldn't do them. So, I asked: what were the chances... I'd rather got my heart set on one. The problem was, in a word, rejection. It's a piercing she'd found would never stay in, and understandably was reluctant to keep doing against the odds. Bottom line, then: I asked- "I understand all that, but would you at least be willing to give it a try?" She had a quick word with Pauline, the studio's owner, and...the answer was yes! I was delighted. At the same time I appreciated her difficulty; the last thing any decent studio needs is a succession of disgruntled clients bemoaning their failed piercings. I was certainly not about to go bad-mouthing them all round the district simply because I'd insisted on having something done that had only a limited chance of success.She said she'd do one for me, adding (fortunately the studio was empty at the time) that for anyone else the answer would still be 'no'. I felt that I'd now qualified as an 'experienced' piercee - someone who knew what was involved, who was responsible, who looked after their piercings properly and could be trusted to follow the aftercare instructions. Having had up to that point only a number of mainstream piercings, somehow I sensed I'd reached a milestone - I'd finally passed 'the test' of knowing what I was doing.

I was given the choice of a 12ga (1.6mm) or 10ga (2.0mm) piercing; I picked the larger of the two on the grounds of the lesser chance of rejection. The procedure itself was simple enough. First I had an antiseptic wipe to clean the area. Then there was a marking session... make sure the dots are in the right place. On went the clamp, followed by a squirt from the customary can of freeze-spray. The sight of Lucy lining up the needle in readiness, poised against my neck, reinforced something I suppose I already knew - there is a two-way trust thing between you and your piercer! Ouch! - but overall quite bearable.

Aftercare instructions? I had a thick protective pad taped over (Madisons are very prone to bleeding, apparently...aaargh!). Mine fortunately didn't, though. Keep your neck still, I was advised!.... Hmmm, all very well, I thought - but your neck is designed to move and bend your head, surely that's what it's for? I did as I was told, nevertheless, and made a mental note to move it as little as possible. As I made my way back to work, and the anaesthetic wore off, I found I got a really unpleasant sensation; I felt I'd narrowly escaped being strangled, as if the piercing had gone right through my windpipe. Fortunately, it started to wear off after an hour or two. Phew! For the first two or three weeks, I cleaned it morning and evening with the antiseptic cleansing solution I'd been given.

That was then...this is now.

Nine months on, I still have my Madison! From time to time I'd go back to Piercing World for more "work", and each time Lucy would ask how it was doing, and I'd get her to take a look. I always got the feeling she was not only just curious.. but also proud of her handiwork - and rightly so. We both concluded that over a period of time it had started to migrate. Although I was a little disappointed, I was resigned to it: that's what I'd been told all along, so it's not as if it was unexpected. And it had certainly been a very gradual process. At the moment, I can see a heavy raised ridge of skin holding it in place. It still seeps very slightly, as if it's not fully healed, and I get the feeling that it never will be. It's not red, sore or angry-looking, though, more like a living sticking-plaster. What the future holds for it I've no way of telling, but I'm glad I had it done. Named after a porn-star, hmmm? One of these days I really must check that one out!


submitted by: Don
on: 21 Nov. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Lucy
Studio: Piercing+World
Location: Nuneaton%2C+UK

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