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Turning science-fiction into reality

They somehow caught my eye, and captured my imagination the very first time I saw them - right there in front of me on a BME image update - a set of back rings! Rather intriguingly labelled "Cell" piercings, it was a set of six rings across the shoulders and upper back area: the effect looked absolutely stunning. Although there was nothing obvious to indicate to whom they belonged, I resolved there and then to find out as much as I possibly could about them. I took a look at the rest of the image gallery, and found two more pictures of back rings: from that moment on I was hooked: if there was the slightest chance I could get something similar, I'd jump at it!

I checked out all the likely-looking experiences on BME, but didn't come across anything that quite matched. It wasn't until I searched the QOD archive that the missing piece of the puzzle fell into place - the term "Cell" piercings originated from suspension rings portrayed in the sci-fi movie of the same name. At least now I knew.... but all the same I couldn't stop thinking about it!

A few weeks later, I happened to be chatting on-line to Rob, the latest recruit to the team at Perforations in Brighton. His initial reaction was - they look cool, but you'd be lucky if they lasted more than a week. He was right, of course! Nevertheless, we got chatting, and the upshot was - 'If you really want them, we'd be happy to do them for you.'

So, the following Saturday, I threw caution to the winds and made the three-hour train journey down to Brighton. I met Noot and Puck at the station and we headed straight round to Perforations and waited for them to open. Armed with the pictures I'd downloaded from BME, I talked through my options with Dom and Rob. We decided D-Rings might be my best bet, and although they don't keep them in stock, it was a simple matter to pop out and get some. While I was waiting for them to be sterilized, I sat calmly in the waiting room and marvelled, as always, at the professional way the way they dealt with their other customers.

Eventually, it was my turn to go down into the piercing room. The marking and positioning seemed to take forever. The effect Dom suggested, and that we ended up aiming for, was a frame of rings around my BMEBoy tattoo across my shoulders. Eventually, we were there: Noot had the digital camera at the ready. Markings complete, I lay face-down on the couch. I'd opted to have freeze-anaesthetic applied, so the first two piercings were quite bearable. On the third one, I was taken aback to sense that Dom was actually working his way up the left-hand side of my back instead of down.... it was all a little disorientating. Over on the right side, I anticipated without problems the discomfort of the top ring. The next (middle) one I found I rather perversely enjoyed .. so much so that I found myself wondering whether play piercing was something I'd ever want to try... mmmmm?. And so on the final one...woweeee! As the piercing was completed and the ring was being put in, I experie nced a tremendous feeling of exhileration: for the very first time the endorphin 'rush' that everyone else seems to describe in their experiences.

Before Dom applied a protective dressing to me, I took a look in the mirror. He'd done a fantastic job: the visual impact was indescribable. It was the first real 'themed project' I'd ever had done, and the results were perfect. I was delighted.

We'd been down there for over an hour; poor Dom looked exhausted and the waiting-room was full once again: I felt incredibly guilty. Nevertheless, we retired to the nearest watering-hole to celebrate!

Three weeks on, I' m still thrilled beyond words with the effect.. Whether the piercing will be permanent, I don't know. AlI I do know is that I'm glad I had it done, that I have high hopes for for the future, and that come what may, I'll persevere!

Aftercare is to a certain extent uncharted waters. I soak them every day in the bath, to which I add a couple of caps of antiseptic liquid. Occasionally I catch one against an article of clothing - ouch - , but overall, that's not a problem. In these three weeks, I've experienced a few knocks and jarrings. But, as of now, I still have my "Cells" and I'll go all out to keep them as long as I possibly can. Even if I can't suspend from them..........

For a progress report, check out my IAM page.



submitted by: Don
on: 07 Nov. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Dom
Studio: Perforations
Location: Brighton%2C+UK

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