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My Madison

It was the morning of March 12th year 2K1 and i had planned to wake up and go get my bridge pierced. I got on the bus and headed downtown. It was about noon by now and Tim Carn's Exotic Skin Shop wasn't open yet. I kept calling Tim just hoping he'd open up but see this was my March break and he must have gone away for a couple days. Ok, i'm a really impatient person and i couldn't wait any longer. I already had the barbell i wanted to put in it so I really was eager to do it. 2:00 rolls around and now I was bored so I called up George and asked if he could do my bridge that day and that I already had the jewellery. He told me this story about how I would have to buy the jewellery there for insurance reasons. Well then the first thing that came to my mind was a nice Madison. He told me the price and said to hurry up and get there so he could do it. I was so excited i just wanted to punch someone in the head just so they would hit me back. When i got there I imediately pick out a beautiful 12 gauge bent barbell and when into the room. It wasn't what i was used to considering that all of my other piercings were done in this small shack-ish hut kinda thing. This was a whole new experience for me it was sooo professional. everything was perfect. Clean, nice smell everything about it was just nice. I layed down in the chair and George measured everything up to get ready. I was still pumped. He told me to breathe in and out on 3. As soon as he said 3 the needle went through. I felt a whole body orgasm for about seven seconds and then it was over. I don't know if I felt the sensation because of when I went in i just had that sort of mind set or what it was but it felt amazing. I now want to get as many surface piercings as i can. I have had my madison for about three months now and have no complaints. I would recommend it to anyone feeling explorative. I find if i wear T-shirts it will redden a little bit but it tends to go away pretty quick.

From that day on I had decided just what exactly Will become of me and my life. The madison made me want more. I'm now looking into implants.
I would love to get continuous hoops implanted on the back of each of my hands and i want maybe four or five transdermals on my wrist. This way I could screw spikes on like a bracelet. I don't really know much about implants and neither does my body artist so my e-mail is thereand if anyone could tell me anything they know it would be a real help because it seems to be a need for me. My madison made me open up to a lot of new things like suspension. I hope to some day suspend two feet off the ground by six holes in the center of my chest. I am just so amazed with all the little things that you can do to your body to change and modify it that i want to do as much as i possibly can. Now whenever i go out in public i can get some really dirty looks and i love it. I see people look at my madison and automatically give me the "I want to kill you" look. I'm sure you all know it. All the people at my school are just totally astonished by it. Oh did it hurt? Does it hurt now? Are you crazy? All common questions to me and i tell the all the same thing, "yes, yes to everything you stupid fools". i sometime plan on sending in my picture just so i can be among the many famous people here at BME. I hope i can get in all I have pierced is 1 ring in each eye brow, my bridge, my septum, and rings on each side of my bottom lip. Just writing this experience letter made me really remember exactly how I felt when i got my madison done and every other one of my piercings. Just a question to whoever reads this and has their bridge pierced, did you feel anything at all???? My bridge was totally painless. I didn't feel a thing. Is this common?? Thank you all for reading this and i hope i hear a response from anyone regarding Implants or anything on suspension. It would hepl me a lot. Thanks BME.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: George
Studio: Tattoo+Art+and+More
Location: Kitchener+Ont.%2C+Canada

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