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Self done surface piercing

One day I was on the internet and like usual was at BME looking at piercings. I was looking at unusal piercings and I seen a clevage surface piercing. I thought it was so awesome and I immediately wanted one. So I left the picture of the piercings on the screen to show my mom. My mom seen the picture and she said no she wouldn't take me to get it done. I had just recently got my lip pierced and she thought that is enough piercings for now. I was really bummed cause I wanted it done really bad. All my friends have normal piercings just basically their tongues and nothing to extreme. I wanted my clevage pierced cause it is so different and people don't expect to see that pierced.

I got off the computer still determined to get that piercing I decided I was goin to do it myself. I had done piercings on myself before (nipples didn't heal really well took them out in like a month or so) so what the hell. I just hope that it wouldn't hurt TOO bad. I went into my bathroom with a needle and a barbell. I didn't really have alot of skin to pierce so it was kinda hard to pinch the skin and get the needle in. I pierced it a couple of times and wasn't satised with the amount of skin I had pierced. I wanted more so I continued to pierce it until I had a good amount of skin. It hurt but I still did it, the pain wasn't too bad (So if you can pretty much take pain and want this done go for it :) I think I can take pain pretty well. I mean if I want something pierced really bad I don't care if it hurts I will pierce it no matter what. So I put the barbell it took a while to get the barbell through so that kinda sucked. It looked pretty good a little red it was centered perfectly. To my surprise there wasn't hardly any blood. After I did it I went in my bedroom and I was really dizzy and my vision was all blurry it was pretty fucked up so I laid down on my bed for a little bit and tried to watch t.v. After a little bit I was fine and I got on the internet and told all my friends and they were like What?!?! Clevage?!?! your a weirdo hehe. I sent them the link so they could see what I pierced. They didn't believe me so I told them they would just have to see the at school. The next day at school I showed my friends and they were suprised that I actually did it. I was going up to people and asking them if they wanted to see what I got pierced. They were like yea whatever. I would go to pull down my shirt and show them my clevage and they were like are you going to show me your nipples?!?! I continued and pulled down my shirt and they where like what the hell OWWWW!! Of course I got asked the famous question "did it hurt?" I really do hate it when people ask that. I told them told really and they didn't believe me and thought that I was crazy. I loved to see people cringe when they see what I pierced. This piercing is definitly the piercing I wanted that was different from everyone else. Now it has been about a month since I have pierced it. It is healing fairly well almost all healed it is still a little red. I definity wish I would have got it pierced professionaly though. It has now migrated and there isn't alot of skin pierced anymore. It sucks to sleep at night cause if I lay on it just right it hurts. So I am always tossing and turning at night. Another sucky thing is one time I was taking a shower, and I was wiping myself off. I totally forgot about my piercing, and took the towel and wiped it across my chest and I ripped the piercings. It was a little bloody and hurt. So this piercing is a bother and I would recomend not piercing it yourself. So this piercings does have its negatives, but I still love it. I think in the future I am going to take it out though and get it done professionally. I am just scared that getting it pierced again and goin through scare tisse and all that fun stuff is going to make it hurt twice as much. So I hope that I can take that pain well!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 April 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Myself
Studio: my+bathroom
Location: Michigan

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