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My brand new nape

After just having got off the phone with Blair ( i just lost one of the threaded beads holding my surface bar in!!!- have to admit i'm very upset with myself) I thought now is as good a time as any to write up and experience for BME. Starting on that note, i totally can't stress enough the quality of blair's work and the fact that he really enjoys what he does. I was really upset about maybe having to buy new jewelry for my nape, but not only was blair prepared, he was really reassuring and i didn't feel like so much of a dork after having talked to him about stopping in to pick up a new bead. i'm happy to announce that he orders some replacements with each shipment of jewe;ry so i dont have to buy a whole new surface bar.. wahoo! :) but moving on.... I had been interested in getting my nape pierced for a some time, but didnt really consider it an option, since my mom wasn't too keen on it. But eventually after alot of prodding , she consented. A couple of weeks later I headed down to Sal's ( spadina and college for those in the area) and did some investigating. I had the opportunity to talk to Blair about the piercing, but he was reluctant to do it. He explained that it could be a difficult piercing to heal and that he usually only did it for people who had haf several other non-ear piercings before ( which i hadn't). Though sort of discouraging, it was really refreshing at the same time to meet someone with genuine concern about a client's healing capabilities and know-how... heh. He proceeded to test my skin, which was just fine for the piercing. I told him i knew it could be problematic and I promised to take the best care of it, salt soaks and all! He was still a little iffy so we arranged a second appt. to discuss it some more... or so i thought! The following wednesday i stopped by and was gretted with the question "so are you excited!?", which caught me off guard a bit and i guess i had a sort of confused look on my face so blair explained that since the time had been booked already for today and he had the jewelry in we could do the piercing today! i was ecstatic, but nervous. I agreed and went to the bank to pick up some cash. I also called my mom at work who short form having a minor heart attack, was great about it :) i love my mom. Blair and i hopped to the back room and began the procedure. First he cleaned my neck and then he made some marks on my neck and got me to take a look at the placement. I had wanted them a little lower so he adjusted the markings and we were ready to pierce. He put the clamp on, which didnt hurt very much at all and then he asked me if I"d like to know when the needle was going through.. i said no and soon after i could feel it being pushed through my neck... after that there was a sort of scraping pain, which he explained was my staple shaped jewelery going around the corner ( i hope that makes sense to those fo you reading this). I didnt really bleed at all! After that he just screwed on the closure beads and it was all done! i got a good look in the mirror at it and i absoulutely loved it, still do! even though i was silly enough to lose a bead ( ball?!) and am actually really grumpy at myself. He explained the cleaning and maintenance needed and gave me a sheet of cleaning directions. After that i was on my way. So far the healing process has been pretty much problem free . I do occasional salt soaks and am using spectro jel to clean it aswell as applying mecca healing ointment lightly afterwards. It can be a little tough because of the placement. But for the first little while I was lucky enough to have my mom or my boyfriend around to help me clean it out. I have also been taking zinc orally and drinking lots of orange juice to help my body keep its immune system up and running. Discharge has been minimal, but the other morning it was bleeding a bit which i'm assuming is from some sort of irritation while i slept. It can be tough not to lean on it sometimes or to sleep on it, and many times though i go to bed lying on my side i sometimes wake up lying on my back. Other than that i can say things have been going pretty smoothly ( with the exception of today's road bump- ie: losing a bead, but what can you do??). So in conclusion, i'm absolutely in love with my nape piercing and in love with blair's great service. I encourage anyone in the area thinkign about getting piercings done, to go to blair, the friendly service is well worth the trip.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 April 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Blair+%3A%29
Studio: sal%27s+tattoo+and+barber+shop
Location: t-dot.+haha

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