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"Temple" Piercings

First I'll start off with a little bit of my background. I started getting into body piercing when I was 13 and my mom came home with her nostril pierced. At that time I was this little "goodie two shoes" and was grossed out by it. A few months later, she convinced me that I should get my navel pierced so she took me to Obscurities in Dallas (this was shortly before they moved to the over 18 policy). Now, 6 years later I have my navel, right tragus,left helix (forward), lobes (3 times each), cartilage (once each), tongue (twice), web, lip, and two "temples" (of which I am about to discuss) pierced. I've only retired my nostril ring and I also have a tattoo of a crow on my lower back.
My latest piercings could be best described as "temple" piercings, but unlike the others in the gallery, they're slightly closer to the eye and slanted upward. I'll try and post pics if possible. I actually came up with this idea in my head several years ago before I even knew what the hell BME was. I was never a big fan of the eyebrow, but pondered the idea of having them pierced really low so that it would kind of resemble the way I had seen girls wear jewels near their eyes. I didn't know much about piercing then and figured that if I hadn't seen it, it couldn't be done. Well, eventually I saw a picture of what I wanted on BME and knew I had to get it. First, I did a little bit of research (judging by the picture, I could tell this would eventually migrate) as far as healing times, jewelry, aftercare, etc. I printed out the picture and showed it to Chris at Obscurities. He said he could do it, but with a few changes- the piercing would be placed further back and curved barbells would be used. He told me that he had never done piercings like this but had done several anti eyebrows and had alot of other experience with surface piercings. Although I had never been pierced by him, I decided to let him do it anyways; he seemed confident and I had also heard on here that he is recommended for surface piercings. So I spent about another month making sure that this was what I wanted. Everyone who I showed the picture to either liked it or said that it looked like someone had tried to pierce the eyebrow and missed but ultimately it was my decision and I liked it. Feb. 5, 2001 Chris told me to call him before I came in so that he could make sure it wasn't a busy day and he could spend alot of time on it. I asked him if he was going to mark them before he pierced them so that I could picture them better and make sure they were going to look right on me. He briefly explained what exactly he was going to do. The next day I went to Obscurities and went back into the piercing room. He put on some gloves, cleaned the area, and then used a toothpick dipped in ink to make horizontal lines from the corner of my eyes to my hairline(almost). Then he made vertical marks where the piercings would be. He carefully made sure that the marks were even. When I looked in the mirror I thought the marks were too far back so he made more marks as close to the eye as he could get so that the piercings wouldn't migrate. I stared at the marks for a few minutes; they were slightly farther back than what I had wanted, but not by much and they still looked good so I decided to go with them. We went back to the front and he picked out two 14g curved barbells while I filled out the paperwork. After paying, we went to the back and waited for the jewelry to finish being autoclaved. We talked a bit about crappy local clubs and why I chose this piercing. Of the piercers who I have been pierced by, I would have to say that Chris is definitely my favorite. He is very friendly and talkative whereas the others were more kinda "stab and go." Once the autoclave was finished he put on some gloves and set up the table. He had me lay down on the table with my head turned to the left. He used forceps to pull up the skin, told me to take a deep breath, and sent the needle through. I felt a slight sting. He then inserted the jewelry and I took a look at the piercing in the mirror. It was perfect!!! Now for the left eye. The procedure was the same but the stinging feeling I felt earlier was slightly greater. Also, I din't concentrate on my breathing as well. When he was finished he looked at both of them and smiled (hmmm... can we say cocky? ;) ). He knew he did a damn good job and when I looked at them in the mirror I agreed! Before I left he went over the aftercare- salt soak, warm water soak, wash face, and wash with Provon ce a day. And he took some pix for his portfolio... Next few days: The piercings weren't as nasty as Chris had told me they would probably be. When he told me they were going to be "really nasty," I was expecting them to be extremely swollen, bruised, crusty, and bloody. All I got was blood... and alot of it. It wasn't gross... just very annoying. Each time I wiped the dried blood away more would drip out.

About two weeks later: The piercings did great until.... I went to get my hair done and as I sat down I immediately pointed out my new piercings to my hairdresser and told her to be VERY careful. Being the irresponsible ditz that she is, she got to talking as she was washing my hair and BAM! got the left piercing. Needless to say I'm getting a new hairdresser. The next few days it was red and part of the barbell started to appear so I went back to Obscurities. Chris told me it was okay and that he would shorten the barbell after another month or so and advised me to do additional warm soaks each day to take the redness away. He also asked me to come back in another week so he could check on them. I followed his advice and they looked great when I went back. One month later: After having these piercings for two months they're doing great! I went back to Obscurities and had the barbells changed out. I also had purple beads added on to match the rest of my jewelry. Chris took more pictures. He mentioned that one thing he was worried about was scarring, but since I was taking such good care of them (one of my major pet peeves is people who don't take care of their piercings!) there wasn't any. Getting these done is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 April 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Chris+Johnson
Studio: Obscurities
Location: Dallas%2C+Texas

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