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Spur of the moment nape piercing

About 6 months ago I decided that it was time to get my 4th piercing. However, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to get. For myself I prefer less common piercings, and after looking at pictures on BME, I decided that I was going to get my nape pierced. This presented me with a problem though becsause I wanted to get it done as soon as possible, but I go to school 2 hours away from Phoenix and wasn't planning on going back for 3 more weeks. So I decided that I couldn't wait and made the 2 hour drive down Phoenix 4 days after I decided to get the piercing. I went to HTC a couple hours after arriving home. I chose them because they have a good reputation and I had been pierced there before and was impressed with the way they do things. They are extremely clean and professional and have some of the best piercers in the business. I got in there, told them I wanted my nape pierced, then filled out a bunch of forms. I had to wait for some other people to get pierced, and during this time I asked the desk guy several questions about my piercing. I thought he would be a good person to ask since he had 4 piercings in his nape in the shape of 2 diamonds. When it was my turn, Phish came out, introduced himself, and told me that he would need about 10 minutes to get everything ready. The surface bars they use start out as straight bars, then when you come in to get the piercing they take the bar and bend the ends to form a surface bar. I became very nervous during this waiting time because I had never had a piercing quite like this. I tried calming myself down by talking to the desk guy but I was still very nervous. I thought it was going to hurt very bad. Then Phish came out holding the bar (he had gloves on so it was sterile) and asked me if the bar looked like the length I wanted. I said yes, so I went back in the piercing room. The piercing room was extremely clean and white. He pulled out the sterilized equipment then made me stand and face the wall to mark my neck. Right in front of my face on the wall there was a picture of Phish being suspended from his back. I thought that was a very cool picture. Then he had me lay down in the chair and put my face where people usually put their feet. He informed me that this piercing takes longer than normal because there is more tissue. Then he told me to breathe in. He pulled up the skin on my neck, and as I exhaled he freehandedly stuck the needle through the entrance hole and through the first layer of skin. Then he continued pushing through the rest of the skin and out the exit hole. I was amazed. There was absolutely no pain. I felt the needle poke and then slide through (that was cool) but there was no pain. Then he put the surface bar in. That hurt because the ends are bent up, but that pain was very quick. I stood up and he gave me a hand held mirror to look at my neck in the mirror behind me. It looked pretty bad ass. I tipped him a few bucks, shook his hand, got my aftercare, then left. The piercing got over around 7 pm. I drove straight from HTC to a football game at the Christian high school that I had graduated from just several months earlier. Walking into the game I saw my parents and showed them what I had just done. My mom put her head in her hand and sighed (she couldn't believe what I had done) and my dad gave me a look that said "What the hell? You are weird." I showed a bunch of people at the game and they all liked it. It was a little sore when I had to turn my head, but other than that there was no discomfort. That was almost 6 months ago. My parents have gotten used to it and don't mind it any more (what other choice did they have). I havent had any problems with it. It itched for a little while after I got it but that went away. I only soaked it twice which isn't good, but the piercing is fine anyway. I don't clean it every day but at least every other day, and I still do this because the piercing could take over a year to heal. Sometimes when I wear a jacket the collar rubs against the piercing. This is kind of annoying but not that much. And sometimes someone will accidentally hit it when they hug me. That hurts a little. One time I was getting my hair cut and the guy ran a clipper right over it. That hurt like a bitch. This piercing definitely gets a lot of attention, mostly because it is pretty rare. For a couple months after I got it I would get asked about it every time I got on the elevator in my dorm. But now pretty much everyone in my dorm knows that I have it so I don't get asked about it much any more (which is good because it started to get a little annoying). If anyone is considering this piercing, I would first say to find a good piercing place because not just any piercer is capable of performing a surface piercing. Also make sure they use surface bars unless you want your piercing to grow out. Also make sure that you really want this piercing before you get it. There are several things to consider, and it is not as simple as an ear or tongue piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Phish
Studio: HTC
Location: Phoenix%2C+AZ

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