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Lovely Little Hand Job

Back in first grade I once had a very cruel best friend. She made me hate my hands. No fair that her fingers were long and slender but did she really have to comment on my stubby pudgy ones? I have since become tiny now, hands and all, due to a lack of growth but this hang-up refuses to exit me. So as I figure, what could be more fitting than adding jewelry to make my hands (not so) permanently beautiful? There, you have my reasoning. I decided to get my knuckle pierced. You know, entering between the ones that are actually on your hand and then exiting further down. I picked here mostly because of the piercing's uniqueness but also because I cannot stand to have anything on my fingers. Perhaps my someday husband will understand this... Heh. I had one problem to face though. My favorite piercer, Jesse from Mark's Tattooing, up and moved to California. He was really good at what he did and was even cute. It's not like me, in NY can make it all the was over to Cali. so I had to find someone else... I drove around and checked out a few places but I couldn't find anywhere that I was too comfortable with. It's not that they weren't clean or anything like that. I'm just picky about who I let puncture my skin. My last was stop P's. I really liked the place and the piercer, Dan. Yup. This was going to be where I went. I told Dan what I wanted and showed him the placement I hoped for. He mentioned to me that he had never done a piercing like this before. Instead, he did show me some of his other surface work. Very nice. He said that if I was willing to be his guinea pig I would only have to pay for the jewelry. That sounded just fine to me and he was excited about the experience he would be getting. I made and appointment for the next week as he had to order a barbell. (about and inch long with a sight curve) Monday came along and I headed over to P's. I was very nervous because it was the first time I had ever gone to get pierced all by myself. Moral support really does help but now I'm glad that I went alone. Maybe I'm "proud" of myself. Something like that. When I arrived Dan looked happy to see me. He took my hand, pulled and tugged at my skin, and checked out my veins. We agreed on the placement and he took me into his little room. I thought it was cool. Very tribal, zen, or something. Relaxing even if I didn't understand it. He then sat me down in a chair and began to clean my hand. When he was done with that he had the worst time trying to get my skin into the clamp. I don't have much to spare. He even had to dig through his drawers and find the smallest clamp he had. Luckily all the pinching and pulling at my skin made it sort of numb. He asked me if I was ready and then had me slow down my breathing. When he put the needle through I was surprised about how little it hurt. Not that I mind much but I do sort of miss the pain. He got it through right on the marks we made and after a few seconds my jewelry was in place. It all went very fast and if he hadn't told me I would never have guessed it was his first one. I didn't bleed, not at all, which is very good because that would have made me pass out. When all was done he just sat there staring at my hand. I asked him if something was wrong with it. He said no, it was just that he really liked it. He went to go get me and ice pop and a camera. He also showed off my hand to one of his fellow employee's. I'd say he did an amazing job and had every right to be proud. So now I have a lovely hand, for the first time in my life. I love looking at it and I think it's beautiful but I have yet to find many who agree's with me. I get a lot of eww's and gross's. I know I have almost no chance for my piercing to last though. For one, I was pierced with a 14ga which is probably too small for this particular piercing and another, I have no extra skin. When I move it pulls the skin around the opening along the curve of the barbell and I also have this intense fear that it is migrating right now as I sit hear typing. To minimize some of the migration I made this little splint that I wrap my hand in before I got to bed so that I won't clench my fists in my sleep. I have some of the movement in my fingers back because the swelling has gone down. I'm hoping this is the only reason why more of the barbell is visible. I still can't make a fist but it's only been 3 days since I got it done. If in three months my piercing still remains I will go and get my right hand done. (I'm right handed and I figured that if it migrates out of my left hand I have no hopes of keeping one in my right.) I think I'm going to try and find a flexible barbell as well. Hopefully that will work. All in all, I'm happy I got it done. The experience alone was worth it and I have a thing for scars anyway. Besides, my damaged self esteem has been repaired and that's permanent too.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Dan
Studio: P%27s
Location: Binghamton%2C+NY

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