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My Madison Mod

I knew what I wanted all along. I already had a lip ring, a tongue web ring, and 14 holesin my ears. But there was more. I browsed BME daily, and I finally came across a piercing that (like everyone else says) I automatically fell in love with. The Madison. That single name brought chills to my spine. This was the most gorgeous piercing, and in a way, very sensual and sexy. This is what I had to have, and I wanted it at that very second. I thought about this piercing for a good three weeks after seeing it. The pain was not even an issue, since I have a VERY high thresh-hold. Plus the only thing you need to worry about is your breathing. If you breath the right way you won't feel pain. I was worried about the healing process. Since it was a surface piercing, and on the neck of all places, I knew it had a very good chance of rejecting, and I wasn't ready to have to say good bye to a piercing that I wanted so bad. I put all my concerns aside and went for it. I woke up that morning six hours before I was to go to the shop. I was so pumped. I am the type of person that once I get my sights set on a particular piercing I will stop at no thing to get it. Anyways, I woke up, showered, got dressed, picked up my friend, and I was ready to do it. I arrived at the shop I go for every piercing. I told the guy what I wanted, he nodded and said it would be a while because he had to put the right barbell in the autoclave. While we were waiting me and my friend browsed the tattoos, but I didn't want one of those, I wanted my Madison, and I wanted it right then. My piercer, Mikey, asked me why the hell I was doing this. And all I could say was "Its the most beautiful piercing, and I want to piss my mom off :)." I sat down in the standard chair. He got out his blue marker, and asked me where I wanted the dots. I was not specific, I just said where ever you want, I trust you. So he messed around a little bit and put the dots in some funky places, but finally got to the point where they were perfectly aligned and rightwhere I had pictured them. I could only feel the marking, its a superstition of mine not to look at markings in a mirror, I put all my trust in my piercer. Anyway, he clamped my neck, which, as always was the most uncomfortable part. For a little bit, I thought that he was inserting the needle, but it was just the pressure from that clamp on that tiny flap of skin. He said "I am going to count to four..." I said "No, just surprise me." He got a kick out of that, so he looked at me, and started making random conversation with me, as I was answering his questions, he was already done. I couldn't believe it. I finally had the Madison I longed for forever. I looked briefly at it in the mirror, and noticed some specks of blood. He said it was nothing to worry about, he cleaned the area off, including the blood, and made me sit in the shop with him for a little bit to make sure it stopped bleeding. As soon as it did, I was practically running out of the shop so I could show everyone my new addition to the steel family. I got that piercing in October, it is now the middle of March, and I am excited to say that I still have my Madison, and it is doing wonderful. The crusties quit appearing about the third week. I still clean it everyday, three times a day, with a weekly salt compress. It has not moved a bit, and it still looks beautiful. Some days it is a little red though, which makes me worried, but I know that if it was going to reject I would have known it the first week. Me and my Madison are elated. Next mission: I am thinkin Nape. Update to this story: My Madison is wonderful, no signs of rejection, or irritation. there are some days where I sleep on it wrong and it is really red and swollen the next day. But with a little TLC, it is fine. I did complete my next mission, the nape. I did that two nights ago, and will write another story on it for you guys. If you have ANY questions about anything, just drop me a line, don't be shy :)~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Mikey
Studio: Inker%27s
Location: El+Cajon%2C+CA

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