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Blair Pierced My Nape.

I can't remember when I first started to regularly visit BME. I think I was trying to research the history of nipple piercing or body piercing in general, and one of the main matches I got was BME. I didn't discover the first page, because the link took me right to the piercing page. I started to look around and saw so many new piercings. (New to me.) I am not so usual, so I looked at the "unusual piercing" section. I was immediately drawn to the nape piercing. It was perfectly sensual, beautiful, and original. I was captivated. I would have this piercing. I told people I would get it and I even showed people pictures of nape piercings on BME, as I am obsessed with piercings in general, I became even more obsessed with getting my nape done. So for about a year, maybe less, I stayed in the swing of things by getting more piercings. I pierced my right nipple (the left was getting lonely), I got my septum pierced, and I added a couple of ear piercings. But no nape. I didn't want to waste my time with a nylon or tygon barbell, and I wanted someone that was well trained and experienced with surface piercings. What was I to do?

Finally, about a month ago in mid February, I decided to go up with a friend and visit Buffalo NY. Buffalo is right near the Canadian border. Therefore, only a couple of hours from Toronto. Having scanned through every page of BME daily, I had seen a lot of work byBlair. He is a piercer in Toronto! YAY! My favorite nape piercing I had ever seen was done byBlair. It was set, I contacted Blair via e-mail and luckily he returned from scalpelling Jason and Frances' labrets just in time. He got back to me and said the 20th would be great for him. I was excited. Very, very excited. Blair was so nice on the phone. I stayed in a hotel that night in Buffalo, so I didn't have to stay in the dorms (yuck). I slept like a baby and dreamt about my nape. When I woke up I was the good feeling kind of nervous. I ate a delicious bagel and an apple, and it was off I went with my mom and my friend Deirdre to get it done. Blair was nice on the phone and nicer in person. I also have to say that he had the cutest shoes. They were velcro. We waited a while in the waiting room/lobby of Sal's, and looked through Blair's albums and some tattoos flash books. My mom wanted to get a tattoo. Mid-life crisis? I think so. After about twenty minutes everything was ready. He let us all go into the back room. It was nice there. I loved the photos and decorations he had. I noticed his long board, and I was jealous. On to the piercing. He explained everything very thoroughly: the preparation, the process, the aftercare, and lots of fun stuff in between. My mom looked on, very contently (surprisingly) asked a couple of questions, and just went with the flow. I was proud of her. I don't know how I got her to give in to taking me there or having anything to do with it, but I'm glad she was opening up to my lifestyle and "hobbies"-for lack of a better word. So Blair made all of the marks he need to on my neck and finally we were ready. The adrenaline was slowly releasing itself now, and I high as a kite. It was hard for me to speak. He put the clamps on. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most pain, they were about a 1.5. They were also the most painful part of the process. He asked me how they felt and jumbled words came out of my mouth. I can't remember what I said. Then he asked me if I wanted him to tell me when he was going to actually push the needle through. I like surprises, and always have. I managed ever so carefully to tell him that he should not tell me. In the middle of my sentence he pushed the needle through. No pain, just a great feeling. A great feeling that comes only with jumping off cliffs and getting pierced. I left Toronto with a smile on my face, and will return there sometime with the smile still there. The aftercare is going well with my nape. It's month later, and the holes are still a bit red, but it's not sore, and there is minimal leakage- thanks to the titanium surface bar that Blair used. Thank you Blair, and thank YOU for taking the time to read this lengthy experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Blair
Studio: Sal%27s+Barber+Shop
Location: Toronto%2C+Ontario-Canada

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