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Hey look, i pierced my arm :)

Hey Everyone!! What's up?? Well I decided that last week after I read a submission by someone (a guy I think) here on BME about a safety pin experience he had (before I actually saw the pics of it today that just make me want to do it again and more) that I really wanted to pierce my arm. I have a few earrings that don't match (the regular earrings with the closure on the back and a few broken loops) and disinfectant stuff from like CVS or something and sewing pins, the kinda that you use to hold whatever your sewing in place. So I was like, well I can pierce my arm by myself, it doesn't look that hard to do. So I was pretty bored later on in the day and I took out one of the pins and bent it so that it curved into an 'L' or 'V' shape and sort of tested to see where on my arm it would hurt the least (I hate pain!!) and i could possibly put an earring in so that it wouldn't pull out overnight. I decided that the best place was (palm up) right behind my wrist, a little behind where it bent and the skin was thicker (and that's why it took almost 30 minutes to go all the way through pushing it as hard as I could.). I basically took the little sewing pin and started shoving it under the skin on my arm (I was going to put this down as play piercing cuz I didn't go all the way deep down into my arm, and I didn't really know what i was doing with it either lol, fun too.). Finally I got the pin in all the way under my skin (after coming at it from both sides of where i got it through the first time) and put a sharper regular straight earring through the skin to widen the hole up (the kind they ::gasp:: shoot in, yea I know guns are bad, but I'm also cheap hehe.). After I took the regular earring out I put in a small silver loop and cleaned everything off (I cleaned it each time something went in and everything going into my arm was also cleaned).

The little glow-in-the-dark silver loop looked cute :) and I liked the idea of having an earring in my arm lol. I've never seen someone (besides on BME, and I didn't see that until today, with an earring in their arm so the whole mysterious/curious thing definitely had to play a role in my wanting to do it, plus I hadn't pierced anything on myself before.). I left it in overnight, taping a flat cotton thingy over it so it wouldn't rip out and went to sleep. The next morning it wasn't really red and it hadn't been when I did it, no blood or anything and hardly any pain at all and it didn't hurt very much. Hehe, getting a new piercing is like getting a new pet, it interests you and (uh as long as it stays alive) its adorable lol, (And for me I want more and more, piercings not pets that is). Throughout the day I did things as usual (u know writing, typing, things that required me to be moving my wrist all that) and occasionally the ring started to hurt, especially if I decided I wanted to move it to one side (back towards my elbow.). So I decided I would disinfect it that night and leave it in, taping it down again so it wouldn't rip out while I was sleeping. Now it was red and was starting to hurt more and my little brother had seen it and thought I was insane (hehe, if he only know about this site). So I left it in until that night and I had to take it out. It was rubbing on my clothes too much and I didn't have a barbell or anything like that so I figured I could just do it again later anyways.

But all in all there was absolutely no blood, little pain and I'm glad I did it (and I went on to put pins through my fingers and all that but that I dont think is even play piercing, but it was cool hehe and I actually liked the way it felt, no pain but you know its there, you know.). I definitely think that when I get enough money I will go get it professionally done in a studio and all that because it looked pretty damn cool, lol. And its healing really pretty nicely too, its a little bit red but that's about it, hardly noticeable at all. I'm actually getting credit at school for doing a body modification project and "joining in more as my interest grows", lol so that's pretty cool. Well thanx BME (n everyone on it) I love you guys!! See you all later, feel free to email me. :) -Gothgirl ~*~ PS Hey Shannon (??) i have a pic of it too, but its pretty bad and u can hardly see it but i can get you a link to it, i just want to make sure my homepage isnt listed with this lol. Thanx, see u later!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: i+was+bored
Studio: In+my+room
Location: Near+DC%2C+in+MD

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