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My Horizontal Eyebrow Journal

Day 1 - February 18th 2001 Went to Miraculous Creations for my piercing. Appointment was at 5 o'clock with Rose, but I didn't get in there until a little after quarter of six. Piercing was done with a 12 gauge needle, though the monofilament used is roughly 14 gauge. I wanted to go bigger (say 10ga) but Rose only had the monofilament in 14ga. Process was typical, clamp, shove needle through, and wipe up blood. It hurt a bit, but I realized afterwards that it was all because of the clamp. Once that was removed, there was no pain, and the bead was screwed back in. Little to no pain/blood for the rest of the night. Cleaned with the 'ear cleansing antiseptic' that night. I realize that is likely not my best bet for healing, but I'm hoping my salt water compresses will balance it out. Day 2 - February 19th 2001 Nothing too extraordinary today, though I wore a hoodie all day long, to keep my mom from seeing the piercing. At about seven thirty that night I said 'screw it', and took it off, and she noticed a few hours later. Still cleaning with the antiseptic. That night, before bed, there were large amounts of dried blood at the ends of the piercing. Day 3 - February 20th 2001 Woke up to the large amounts of dried blood again. Using a clean face cloth, I did my first salt water compress, and took off some of the caked blood. This seems to have aggravated the piercing further, as throughout the day, no matter how much I cleaned, it bled some more. I used water, sea-salt water mix, hydrogen peroxide, and 'ear cleansing antiseptic' to take off the blood. The hydrogen peroxide seemed to work the best, though it dried out my skin (to no surprise) Day 4 - February 21st 2001 Before I took a shower, I applied a great deal of 'ear cleansing antiseptic' via Q-Tip and removed as much of the bloody tissue around the piercing. It was still a bit bloody looking afterwards, but I could see the monofilament again at least. Does not hurt in the slightest. I have however hit it too many times when changing shirts. This would be easier were I a nudist. I noticed that night before bed that the area right around the piercing was bruised slightly, which is new to me. Day 5 - February 22nd 2001 Nothing spectacular today. Simply did a salt water compress, and cleaned it in the morning and night with the solution. Day 9 - February 26th 2001 Got my septum pierced today. I simply mention this in case anything drastic happens to my eyebrow in the next few days, that it might be remembered I got a new piercing. Day 10 - February 27th 2001 Did a salt water soak today. Do to excessive dryness around the piercing, I believe I'll be cutting down on the soaks. Day 15 - March 4th 2001 Did a salt water compress this morning, but I also cut down on the AMOUNT of salt included in the mixture, since according to the BME body glossary I was using too much (1/2 teaspoon instead of ¼). March 6th 2001, through March 18th 2001 Did routine salt-water compresses every other day, and the piercing looks good as new. Sometimes when I roll over in the middle of the night I would hit it, or so I can only assume, since it'd have some dried blood on it in the morning. The only other option is that I sleep on the other side of my head, which has a still sore helix orbital on it. So I'm kind of out of luck either way. Day the Last - March 19th 2001 So I took the jewelry out today. I know it's only been about a month, and frankly the piercing was looking really good, but I was not happy with the look of the piercing, or people's reaction to it. For starters, I'm a bigger fan of vertical eyebrow piercings, and I only got this one since I knew it'd look different. Which is a horrible reason to get a piercing. I hoped the two beads on the top would look similar to having two vertical piercings next to one another (which is wasn't). And also, I need to get a job (especially if I ever plan on getting anymore piercings), and everyone notices my eyebrow right away due to the white balls on the end of it. I was going to try some steel beads but the monofilament bar seems threaded very differently. After removing the jewelry there still seems to be a bump where the jewelry had rested (as if it was swollen), and the skin is still very dry. Well in closing, I'd definitely say this was a nice piercing. If for no other reason, watching people try to fathom how the piercing worked is worth quite a few laughs. My problem: monofilament. The one thing that'd keep the piercing from migrating too quickly also made it less attractive for me. I'm just filled with odd quirks and paradoxes, aren't I?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Rose+Pulda
Studio: Miraculous+Creations
Location: Worcester%2C+Massachusetts

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