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Shin Piercings

i got really bored on day and decided to think! as i thought, i got a headache and out of the blue, i was thinking," hey, what the hell does nobody have?" shin piercings! your shins are the part of your front leg between your knee and ankle. so what i did is i went to a friend who works in a hospital and he gave me a shitload of surgigal steel safety pins. i went home and then started poking my shins with these things and got a rush! next thing i knew was i had 15 pins in each shin! it actually looked like a zipper in a way. i put some neosporine over the punctures and then within a few weeks they were healed. i went to anothe place in wich i cant say for fear of getting them in trouble, anyway, he gace me 30 16Ga hoops and i placed those in place of the pins. it looked pretty damn cool! i then started to burn my brain again and think. all that came to mind was zippers. so, i went and found some zippers at a store and had my friend sow them into my shins. the would cover my hoops when zipped and have them exposed when unzipped. i got so many looks of disguest that day! i went on the city bus and never had so many conversations, snikkering, whispers and looks about my modification in my life! it was really cool! i had them in for a total of 5 months before they started to migrate out. so i said hell with it and toke them out. the only bad thing to come out of this whole ordeal is that now i have scars on my legs from them. but i found that if you rub vitamin "e" on the scars, they will eventually fade. so whats next? i think i will pierce the sides of my calfs. as for my play piercings, i always grab a few needles from the docs office on my check up days and then go home and just start jabing needles here and there! i love the feel of bieng punctured. i have had a total of 50 needles in me at once. they are just 18 Ga needles but needles non-the-less. i even got put into restraints one time cuz i did it when i was in the psych center. man, the got some really awsome drugs you know! i think the only thing about doing things like this is if later on in life will it turn out to affect me? like will the holse in my legs eventually spread open and start to decay? is there other ways to speed up the heeling process on this type of modification? is it bad to pierce the same spot like this over and over again? the onlt things that come to mind are screw it! live life to its fullest and worry about things later. that may the dumbest thing ever said about something like this but oh well! the thing about play piercing is that not a whole lot of people get to watch you do it unless you're at a party or something. when i started to stab myself with needles i got to thinking that not too many people are gonna see them. so i figured that i am not the only one who thought like this and said to my self, the hell with it! i think i get off more sticking needles in me alone then if some one was around to just critisice me and just bad mouth me the whole time.

if it ere up to me, i would take a day out of the year and make it nationall be yourself day so we can all show our true colors! as far as how long have i been play piercing? i have been doing it for about 3 years now. i have been pierced from age 12 with my first ear piercing. i think thats how it all started! i have no regrets about any of my modifications or self mutilations! i am also not going to stop doing what i like like the piercings and the play piercings and tattoos. what does my family think? i dont know, i dont have a family here anymore. my daughter lives in another city, dad is dead, mom's on crack and that just leaves me. i do however take out my piercings for work. i need the money so i can keep buying my piercings supplies and such right? unfortanatly i hate to do it, but i have to sucumb to societys ways and be proper. when i had my shin piercings, i hid them with pants or jeans. the play piercings were obviously only in for maybe 4 hours at the most. right now i am working on making it ok for some company to sucomb to thier employs and alow us to go to work with our piercings. this way i can be a gaurd and still be me at the same time. if this falls out and dosnt work, then i am gonna open up my own buisness where people can come to work, pierced, inked, whatever! as long as the perform all thier job duties, why should there be any problems? please feel free to criticize me, ask me questions, or what ever if you feel like you need to say something, email me, or just visit my iam page.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: myself
Studio: in+my+room
Location: texas

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