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I call him "Sebastian"

It was Jan 2, 2001 when I finally decided that I would realize a desire that i had had for about 7 years. I was going to get into my car and get myself a Madison. I first decided that I wanted to get my neck pierced when I got a little tired of wearing necklaces and such. I'd look in the mirror and think of how pretty it would be to pierce my neck. At the time I didn't know that the piercing had an actual name. When I discovered the BMEzine I was please to discover that the piercing could be done with some sort of success. I toyed with the idea for a while but never really took it seriously until I turned 19. A few days before my 20th birthday I decided to go for it. I considered it an early birthday present to myself. I had to get a ride from my sister, i don't remember why. We started at one place, then i remembered someone saying that the piercer was a neo-nazi. I instead decided to go to a place in Bethlehem that my friend, A-son, frequented. I called them first and asked if they ever do Madisons with rings. The piercer said that he could do it but that it would likely migrate out in a couple of months. He suggested using a curved barbell. I opted for the ring (that is what I had wanted in the first place) knowing that I could just get it repierced again if i wanted to. My sister almost killed us on the way to the studio. She tried to make a left turn not realizing that she was in the right lane. I thought at first it may have been a bad omen. Then I realized that she's just weird and does that type of thing sometimes.

When I got to the studio I filled out the necessary paperwork and was led into the back room where they do the piercing. I sat in the chair. Jack marked the exact place where the ring would go. I asked him to make the mark a little bit lower. When he clamped the area I was a little nervous. He told me to breath in and then out. As I exhaled he pushed the needle through and I felt a rush of endorphins. The little play repeated itself in my mind in slow motion. I could feel my skin cells giving way to the tip of the needle. The next thought I had was an adamant desire to feel it again! As the euphoric feeling subsided I decided that one madison was enough for one day. He put the ring through and closed it. It was finished. I looked at that finished product in the mirror and was very pleased. My neck felt hot and cold at the same time and the original markings were still somewhat visible. I was very meticulous with the aftercare. I felt like I had a newborn baby, constantly in need of attention. As I cleaned it one day I decided that my "baby" needed a name. I thought for a week about what I wanted to call him (i call it a "him" because he has a ball :). I decided I would call him Sebastian. It is a name that I have liked since I was 5. The day Sebastian was born I went into my place of work. I work at a coffee house with a non-existent dress code so I wasn't concerned about my boss reacting. Some of my friends were there. I showed my new baby to my friend A-son. She didn't even notice it until I lifted my head and pointed to it. I found that very refreshing. I don't like being super flashy about anything. People don't really notice it at all unless they are talking directly to me for an extended period of time. I like that. It gives me time to properly represent myself to people that might otherwise "get the wrong idea" about me. They then take a look at it and either complement me or ask "um....didn't that hurt?" to which I respond with "just for a second" as a body memory of exstacy rushes through my body. I know Sebastian won't be with me forever but as long as he is I plan to treat him with the care and respect he deserves. Although he is an adopted appendage I will treat him like one of my own. I do plan to get him a sibling or two in the future. I may form either a bridge or a necklace with them. I have yet to decide that. It has been just over two months since Sebastian's birth and he's doing okay. He looked a tiny bit swollen for a while (i'm sort of prone to keloids) but that went away. He has behaved very well otherwise. As long as I keep him in constant supply of low cut tops and antibacterial soap he pretty much stays happy.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Cactus+Jack
Studio: Imperial+tattoo
Location: Bethlehem%2C+PA

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