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Nape, My New Friend

I just added a new addition to my family of piercings, a nape. I welcomed my

new friend with open arms, and a ton of excitement. Ever since I first saw the nape, I was very intrigued by it. It was probably a few years ago when I became interested in piercings, but if you asked me then to get one, I would have wussed out. It wasn't till about three months that before my 18th birthday that I became interested in body piercing. So, on my spring break trip to Mexico, I decided to get my tongue pierced. Let me say that it was not a very good idea, especially with the alcohol. Anyway after by birthday I went on a piercing spree. I first got my first tattoo on my birthday, then my tongue pierced, then my lip, then my nipples, then my lip again, then my septum, then another tattoo, and then two more in my tongue. I'm only 18, so all of these things were done in about 8 months. This probably seems pretty pathetic to the hardcore fans, but for a kid like me, it is a lot. This puts me to about a month ago. With the wonderful help of the pictures and stories on BME, I made my decision on my next piercing. I wanted to go with something a little less mainstream than my previous piercings. Even though I have endured much pain, I was still a little scared to go genital, and I didn't want any other facial piercings. With this in mind, I remembered the old nape. It seemed possible and very cool. After reading many experiences, and contacting other nape veterans, I decided I was ready. I decided to go to a place called Mos Eisleys in Grand Rapids, because I heard they were very good, and they are. I set up my appointment for two weeks later. I had talked to him about using tygon, but he prefered surface barbells, so I wasn't about to argue. This gave me some time to think and possibly reconsider, even though I have never backed out before. So I went back in two weeks, quite nervous, only to find that the special ordered jewelry had not come in yet. So in another week I called back and it was there, waiting for me. I found out early in the day, before I had to go to class. I couldn't wait to get out of class and go. I was very nervous, but it was overwhelmed by excitement. I walked in the door and was kindly greeted by the boys of Mos Eisley. I talked with Aric, and filled out some papers, while he set up. The time had come, and I could hardly wait. We entered the piercing room and got situated while he made the marks. He had some other employees check them to make sure they were straight, which was a great relief. He then attempted to apply the clamps. Apparently they were not staying on my skin, and they were causing bruising and bleeding. It was not as bad as it sounds. So Aric decided to do this one free hand. I completely trusted him, but this worried me a little. Anyway, after he was ready, I took some deep breaths, and then it happened. It was like nothing, a piece of cake. It was a little prick going in, and a little pop going out. It was only minor stinging, by far one of my easiest piercings yet. He asked if I was ok, and I said I'm fine, and he then slid the jewelry in. This has a little bit more pressure, but nothing new. Let me say, that if you can handle nipple piercings, septum, or even a tongue, you can probanly handle this one. He was all done, and I jumped up to check it out. I looked in the mirror, and fell in love. I thought to myself I will love it forever.
This was about four hours ago, but it doesn't hurt at all. The cleaning process is fairly simple, use sea salt and soft soap. I attempt to soak it in sea salt, and then wash it with soap in the shower. I brought along my friend Laura (Fred forever) to take some pictures, so hopefully those may turn up on BME someday. I hope it heals correctly, because it would really hurt me to have to lose it. I hope that I help somebody make a decision through this, because somebody helped me. Feel free to write me with any questions, even though I might not be able to answer them yet. Thank you to Aric at Mos Eisleys (which I highly recommend in the Grand Rapids area) and a huge thanks to BME. I would be lost without you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 March 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Aric
Studio: Mos+Eisleys
Location: Grand+Rapids%2C+Michigan

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