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Wrist Piercing Craziness

SO there I was, once again sitting in my room wandering around looking for something to do when I got the idea to pierce my wrists. I started out just fooling around with a safety pin, until i got serious and pullout the 14g needle I had and went to work. I poked and proded until I finally had a good set for the jewelry, and so I put in the barbell. Now lets go to the play by play day by day that is the life of my wrist piercings. DAY 1: I'm incredibley inflamed. I guess my ghetto fabulous piercing techinques finally caught up with me becasue thes sons of bitches hurt. THe skin around them is starting to get a bit scar like, meaning kinda waxy looking and darker than the rest of my arm. Bending my wrist isn't so bad, as long as I keepp my blood flowing, and hanging my hands down seems to hurt more than holdinh thenm up level to my chest. I don't know what that menas, but it kind of seamed scientific to me at the time. Still pretty tight though around the barbell (is this the best choice of jewlry? I doubt it as you'll see later), but hey its cool. DAY 2: This is drving me crazy! They are still trobbing a bit more than I'd like them to and they smell! Maybe its my imagination, but they do smeel like pus, and they're getting kinda chunky around the ends. I can't handle this anymore so I take them out and put basitratin on the holes and watch them leak wierd juice all over the place. DAY 3: I miss them! I huridly jam them into the holes, which had closed ever so gently before I ripped them open again. I pop them in and sit through the throbbing, all the while enjoying my mysterioous beaded wrists. DAY 4: They're throbbing again a little too much. But now i can jiggle them around a bit, but oh groodie, they are bubling with puss! Everytime i move the barbell, new blobs of greenish yellowish pus bubbles out and starts juicing out. Great, I don't wan to be pus girl, so i take em out again, all the while lamenting how stupid I was and how i suck at this. DAY 5: This was intitally a healing day, well, a day I was pretty much set on letting the holes close when around ten o'clock at night I thought how cool they looked and started getting lonely without them on my arms. So POP!and they're in again, this time a little less juice. Now I'm not sure it it is infection or just wierd skin behavior that caused me to juice out somtimes on these wrists, but whatever it is sucks. DAY 6: I have them back and it seems a little better than before, but the juice hads kinda set into crunchies. They are starting to migrate a bit, so i'm thinking GREAT. I swear, these things are so tempermental. DAY 7: THe piercing itself looks alright, a little crusty still, but they are seemingly so close to the surface. I guess they best thing i should do is repierce them and this time use a surface bar (if i can FIND one)instead of the barbells. THe barbells like made they're own little groove into the skin and in a way helped push the piercing up and on its way out, so I better get that fixed. But so yeah, that's my story, and I'll hopefully updadte it as they heal (or will they??)or untill I get all fed up again. But what i want to say is the reactioon i get when is how them is mixed. Some people really dig them, others practically burn holes with there angery stares. I think they feel I'm insulting my body by placeing beautiful jewelry in places they don't so they get upset. Its like , these are my parts, I'll do what I want with them you jacko. Most people I hide them from becasue I'm not into explaining myself twwenty four seven to total strangers. Its like no, you don't have the right to question my stuff al right? Just because its different doesn't mean i have the responsiblity to explain everything to you. Why can't i run up to you and ask you why you chose to wear stained sweatshirts and sporangia jeans outside of the house? WHy can't i ask you "How could you wear that Hilfiger jacket , its hideous," or "what's wrong with you, Ambercrombie dork"...oh but i guess its the price we all pay for being truly tasteful: to be mocked by the tasteless. But yeah, this is about my wrists, right?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Feb. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: me
Studio: chez+moi
Location: Denver%2C+CO

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