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My first surface piercing (nape)

When I decided to get my nape pierced it was out of nowhere really. I wanted another piercing, but I wanted something that I havent experienced yet. So I decided on a surface piercing. As far as choosing a specific piercer, two people were at Needful Things (located in downtwon fort myers florida) at the time, one being Brad and one being Shawn (I'm not sure if that's how he spells his name or not). Either one I would have been comfortable with. Shawn has pierced me before and is quick and very sanitary (as is everyone else there that has pierced me) Also he has been doing it for a very long time now. Brad, who I also trusted, seeing as he is doing research on that specific piercing at the moment and has been. He is also very experienced with that piercing. From what I know anyhow. I had my boyfriend Chris there with me that day, and I was pretty scared to get the piercing done, because I didnt know what to expect with that sort of a piercing. So being the wimp I was, I bought him the same piercing and asked him to go first. For him, he didn't even feel it. He said he felt a small tingle and it was over. So I was pretty excited by then. Normally I get extremely nervous before getting pierced. It's a wonderful rush that I think I'm addicted to. This time I was pretty calm though, and I wasn't scared at all after hearing there was only a neat tingle. So I layed down on my stomach and Brad started to clean it and find the right spot for it, the usual piercing steps. Making sure to ask me my future plans and if I wanted more later. At that point in time, a flashback of Brad telling us that he was doing some research on that specific piercing, and how only one person so far that he knew of that had any negative effect on the piercing, (the negative effect being since it was laying on a sinus nerve it caused headaches) popped in my head made me slightly nervous but soon forgot about it. He had me stand up and asked another piercers opinion, and my boyfriend (who practically lives at the place) if it was straight. after a couple more times of getting it perfect, he was ready to pierce me. So then the nervous rush finally came. Which I was totally happy about. He put the clamps on (my boyfriends was done freehand, with the help of another piercer and came out wonderful, and in my opinion, better than mine!) For some reason, I thought I was being pierced, but it was only the clamps. I guess that area is sensitive for me. I've never felt discomfort with the clamps before. Which Im guessing is odd since everyone complains about that part. So I was thinking, damn this piercing hurts like hell. Too bad that wasn't the piercing. So when the REAL piercing time came, I felt it. It was the most painful piercing I've had. Not to scare others though. Because everyone's different, and my boyfriend actually had a good feeling from it the tingle. It's just how I felt it. Of course I want more now. I mean, its not THAT bad, its over in a second then your left with a beautiful piece of art on your body, so why complain? They didn't use the regular surgical grade stainless steel that most piercings are used for, I think what they used is called tygon? Im not sure, I forgot, its the plastic looking barbell with white balls. Its actually VERY comfortable, I don't even feel it, It moves with my skin and body, and since Ive had it pierced don't even know its there. I havnt had problems with clothes getting caught on it, and hair getting caught on it. Its healing great so far, knock on wood. It's also my new favorite piercing (besides antibrows). I'm just trying to keep it in tip top shape, because as they told me, this sort of piercing you want to heal as fast and easy as possible so it won't have as long to migrate. Oh yea, I've heard it's a huge pain to clean. Well, in my opinion, it's not at all. If you can do more than one thing at a time, you'll have absolutly no problem cleaning it, in fact, it's very easy to clean. Of course it's not of your face so you can't see it without the help of two mirrors, but it's not like you don't have two hands! As far as reactions go, i' ve gotten a lot of "eews" and "gross'" and an occasional "cool" but I'm not in it for the reactions, in fact, those get pretty annoying sometimes. Anyhow, this piercing was a fun experience and is definitely hott looking.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Brad
Studio: Needful+Things+Inc.
Location: Fort+Myers+Florida

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