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That is sick!

A few days after turning 15, I was itching for something new! I only have ear piercings since my parents don't like piercings too much! I have 5 lobes and 2 cartilages in my left ear and 5 lobes and a rook in my right ear, all of which healed perfectly. I had been looking on this site for about a month when I stumbled upon a hand web! I had wanted one for about 2 weeks, begging and pleading with my parents. I was sitting in my second period study hall when I really contemplated the idea of a self-piercing. I had done a few ear holes before, but nothing like this. I was thinking about it all during my classes, and wondering how I'd do it, what I'd use, and who I could tell. During fifth period, I had made up my mind. I was going to pierce my hand that night! I didn't tell anyone incase I chickened out, but I was dying to! I got home, went into the bathroom and washed my hand with all the cleaning products I could find. I grabbed an ice cube to try to numb my hand since I heard it hurt SO bad. This was it, I sat down near my make-up table so I could have a lot of light. I grabbed a piercer earring I had used a few months before and cleaned it until I thought I'd wear the metal off it. I looked at the area between my thumb and index finger, it looked so bare! This was only a regular earring, not a gauged one. I looked at my 16ga earrings, none of them were sharpened. I closed my door and turned up "The Call" by the Backstreet Boys. I began pushing the earring through. Half way through my hand, it seemed like it wasn't moving. It took me another 2-3 minutes until it finally made its way through the other side! The ice didn't do anything really, I felt the entire thing! The whole time I was praying that I wouldn't totally screw up my hand by hitting a muscle, nerve, vain, tendon, or God knows what else is in there! Everything went smoothly...no blood, no serious injury, no parents walking in! My friends' reactions were all the same basically "You're sick!" "That's disgusing!" "Ewwwww!" or something to that effect. Most of them didn't believe me until I showed them, but when I did, they couldn't look at it. My favorite is "Ow! Didn't that hurt?" because frankly, it wasn't as bad as my rook. If I ever get another one done, it will definitely be done at home again. Mostly because my parents won't sign for me and all the body piercing shops are far away from where I live. Last night was almost the end of my piercing! I was goofing off with my friend when it started paining. I lifted up the band-aid and noticed that the earring was hanging out! I tried poking it back through, but it hurt! I grabbed another earring with a blunt end. Luckily, it slid right through! I knew my parents would flip out when they saw it, especially mom my who objects to every piercing. My dad let me get my rook done after my mom said "NO" every time I asked her. I had to confess, or else it would be worse if she just happened to notice it! She was PISSED! Too pissed to yell, actually. She told me to take it out, but I was just like...mom, let's talk about it. Eventually, she let me keep it. I've been hiding it from my dad until feb 4, after the 3 BSB concerts I'm going to. Wish me luck so he doesn't kill me or ground me! What really sucks now is the little things I can't do, such as: my hair, (I can't hold on to it while I'm brushing it back into a pony tail or hold my bangs while I fix them.) reach into my pockets dut to the earring getting caught on my jeans, play a few sports (like volleyball and softball), and I'm sure there are other things that I haven't had the need to do yet. I know I'm the only one in school with this piercing, so I'll be ripping my band-aid off a lot to show it to everyone! The skin around my piercing is getting really dry from all the cleaning products! Any tips on what moisturizers to use? Since then, it's feeling pretty good. I hope mine doesn't get infected or migrate out! My biggest concern is gym class which will start tomorrow and last throughout the year! Wish me luck! I've been using peroxide, Provon medical soap from when I got my rook pierced, Neosporin, antibiotic band-aids, and anti-bacterial hand soap to keep it clean and infection free.

Anyone who has tips or suggestions on how to make this my first and last hand piercing, feel free to write! All e-mails are welcomed!

Sincerely, !Ally Cat!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: me%21
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Location: Pottsville+PA

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