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Why get pierced?

I'm not really sure why I even started getting pierced, I guess it was because I like to be different than everyone else. When I was in the third grade I already had 5 holes in each ear, that is quite a few for an eight-year-old. Not many people have piercing, especially here in Wyoming. Also I think people with piercing have that I'm tough, and I can handle anything attitude. They show some kind of special strength, that I can't really explain, but it's good. It's also a good way of expressing your uniqueness. My first real piercing was my belly button, not too unique, but it was for me cause none of my friends or anyone in my school had it done, so I wanted it. That didn't last too long, after I got it so did everyone else. So I figured it was time for a new piercing, this time I got my rook done. I love this piercing, and the thing that makes it even better is no one has copied me yet. I'm sure that's only a matter of time though, because before I had it no one has seen it or even heard of it! Then I need an another one so I decided I would get a surface piercing, where you ask? Right below my navel so that way I would have a triangle of studs with a flower in the middle. I will admit I was just a little nervous about this one cause when my friend had the bottom of his belly button pierced he pissed his pants, and I really didn't want that. So when I went to the Ink Spot, Jack told me he had never done a surface piercing below the navel before, but he thought it would be cool as fuck, that is if it turned out. He wasn't even sure it would look good, and even if it did he said there was a 70% chance it would look like shit in a few weeks, cause he thought that I would just reject it, but he also thought I had a little better chance since I had such good luck with all my other piercing. We sat and talked and tried to come up with something else unique that I could do, but I still really wanted the surface piercing, and Jack said he really wanted to do it since he had never done it before, and I trusted him, he was awesome with the rest so why not. So I said what the hell I'll do it anyway, what's it going to hurt, and if it turns out like shit I can always take it out, plus that's why I'm doin it anyway for the pain. After doing some more bullshitting we were ready. First, I had to get the marks, so it wasn't crooked or anything. It looked perfect, just the way I had wanted it, so Jack put the clap on, after some flitting around getting in just the right place we was ready, I took a deep breath in and let it out. That was it the needle was in, it only took a second, and I started getting that rush you get when you are pierced, then Jack slipped the barbell in, I didn't piss myself, and it didn't even hurt at all! It was the least painful piercing I have ever gotten, my ears even hurt worse than that, and they were nothing. I was so stoked it really looked awesome. Even Jack was surprised at how good it looked. He was so happy with it he had to go get the camera and we took several pictures and I had to show everyone in the shop, even an old man who was getting tattooed we had to interrupt his session just so Jack could show off his work. A week later I went back to see Jack just like he asked and to, just so he could check it out to make sure everything was healing ok, and to his surprise I was healing really well. It's been months now and it is completely healed and it never did hurt or even get red, I guess I showed him, huh? Lots of people wanted to get this same piercing as me but every time I would throw a little fit about how no one can come up with their own ideas and so far no one has copied me. Now there is a blown up picture of me hanging on the wall of the Ink Spot, that makes me feel really cool, and Jack said he gets a lot of complements on it. I love my surface piercing, but I don't think I will get another one it wasn't a challenge at all and that's what I like, maybe now I should go for one down below, I think that one would be more painful, and definitely a challenge, and I'm sure my mom would love that, since I have to beg her for months before she will sign the paper for me to get pierced.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jack
Studio: Ink+Spot
Location: Wyoming

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