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My Final Hand Webb Piercing Experience

I am 20 years old and I have been into body mod for several years. Just to give you a look into how into mods I am I will tell you that my first piercing ever was a horizontal hood. I figured it was the easiest thing to hide from my parents. I got it when I was 15 at a nameless shop in Tennessee. That's a whole different story. This particular story started 2 years ago on my 18th birthday. I got my hand pierced and eventually it got extremely infected and migrated totally out in about 5 months. Being the glutton for punishment that I am I went and got it done a second time about a year later. This piercing seemed to be doing all right at about the 6 month mark. Not quite healed yet but not infected either until I moved into a new house with my then fiancé and had to clean out the stove. One thing I learned: oven spray and hand piercings do not go together at all. I wore gloves but I still ended up getting some of the oven spray in the piercing and the next day it was totally infected. I was very upset. I went to my piercer (also my fiancé) and had him clean it and look at it and we decided we needed to try to clear up the infection as much as possible and remove the jewelry and try again later. I was so upset I cried off and on for days every time I looked at my hand. I knew I would have to try again eventually. Between my second and third time trying I did alot more research than I ever had before. I e-mailed several shops getting advice and feedback. I talked to one piercer in New Orleans who had had hers successfully healed for 3 years before it eventually migrated out. I also contacted the APP and got suggestions and comments from them. I realized that the first two times I was not as informed or as mature as I should have been and needed to be to even attempt to successfully heal such a difficult piercing. I went into my 3rd piercing much better prepared to succeed. Well in August of '00 I decided I wanted to get my hand pierced for the third time. My fiancé and I had broken up so I had to find a new shop. I decided on A Million Tattoos in Austin owned by a friend of mine. I had talked to him several times previously about hand webbing piercings. We debated the fact that they almost never heal and seldom stay in for more than 3 after healing due to migration. Despite all the odds against me I decided to get it done anyway. Lance and I decided to use 10g tygon with surgical steel balls for jewelry. When I got to the shop Lance set everything up for sterilization then we went out to have a smoke until everything was ready. After a few minutes we went back in and got started. Lance was really cool about everything. Despite the fact I had been through the entire routine before Lance talked me through every step. He has an awesome bedside manner. He washed his hands, gloved up, and set out his tray, talking the whole while. Finally he cleaned the area with Satin. Next he marked the spot, checking and double checking to make sure his marks were exactly perfect. He opted to go without clamps, much easier for him and less painfull for me. The piercing itself was very painless. I barely felt a thing. I was really surprised. The first two times were much more painful. The jewelry slid right in after the needle. Screw on the top ball and we were done. Lance spent several minutes afterwards explaining aftercare and upkeep. We made an appointment for me to come back in two weeks for a cleaning and jewelry change if need be. I became a compulsive hand washer for the next 2 months. Every time I touched anything I'd run to the bathroom to wash. After a while I realized I was washing a little bit too much. Anyway, my hand started to get irritated so I backed off on the cleaning a bit. My routine became a wash with Provon once in the morning and once before bed and regular Dial antibacterial whenever I got into anything dirty. I also wore unpowdered latex gloves to bed because it I didn't I tended to snag the jewelry in my hair and tear the piercing in my sleep. Ouch!! Now it is 5 months later and my piercing is totally healed. No more tenderness. No more excretions of any kind. Nothing. It's perfect. The positioning has changed a bit due to migration and a few snags in my sleep before I started wearing gloves but other than that I can't complain about a thing. I still get stared at when I go to shake hands with people and they notice, but if they knew how much I had worked for it and how much pain it had cost me they'd understand (or maybe not). If/when it eventually migrates all the way out I will get it done again. I really love the way it looks and the way it makes me feel. The slight pains I go through for the procedure and healing process are way worth the end result. Thanks Lance. You know you are my fav piercer in the world and as long as I live within driving distance I will always go to you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Lance
Studio: A+Million+Tattoos
Location: Austin

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