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My Madison

For quite some time now I have been interested in surface piercings. My body is adorned with 16 total including two ear projects, nostril x2, septum, tongue, labret, and my nipples. I have never had a surface piercing but have always found them attractive when placed satisfactorily and when they are flattering to the person who displays them. Originally, I found myself very intersted in nape piercings. I find them very attractive and knew that having one would make me happy. While at Body Work Productions getting my lobes stretched, I inquired to Dave (both the owner and most experienced piercer at BWP) about this particular piercing. To much dismay he told me that they would not perform nape piercings. He has found that they can be overly problematic and it is one of the only piercings that BWP will not perform. The thought did not even cross my mind to get it done at a different shop. Body Works has done all of my piercings and I completely trust thier knowledge and experience. I decided to researched other types of surface piercings on BME. When I first came across a Madison I fell in love with it immedietly. I found the placement to be absolutely beautiful and knew that it was an addition that I wished to add to my body. After making an appointment with Derek Lowe I finally realised that this was finally going to become a reality. At work the day of, all I could think about was my madison. Never having had a surface piercing before, I was not sure what to expect. I worried about the pain, the healing, and kept trying to assure myself that no matter how quickly it did reject, that I would still love it. Driving to Body Works I kept feeling my nervousness grow. At my arrival I filled out the necessary paperwork and proceeded to the waiting room where I chain smoked and socialized with others who were waiting to be pierced. The butterflies in my stomache made minutes feel like hours. When Derek finally called me back to his studio I slowly began to relax. He explained how the procedure was done and went over aftercare. He cleaned my neck and began to mark the spots. After about a half an hour of prepping we were ready to begin. I layed down and he clamped the area to be pierced. I tried my best to stay calm and take deep breaths. He continued to line up the needle and make sure that everything was good to go. At last he said "deep breath in" and when I breathed out he pushed the needle through my skin. When the needle went through my flesh i only remember the feeling of pressure. Not really pain, just a slight pinch on the needle's entrance. Right away I got a rush of endorphins. My whole body was tingling. The jewelry was inserted and I could barely stand. He told me that he was very happy with the placment and held up a mirror so that I could take a look. Immedietly I was extatic. It was perfect! The placement was just how I had wanted it. Afterwards I found that I could not stand up right away. From experience I know that I tend to get light-headed after being pierced so this was not a shock. Derek brought me a glass of water and kept me company for about 15 minutes while I relaxed on the chair. When I felt I was ready to stand I slowly got up and began to move around. I thanked Derek profusely and gave him a $20 tip. Derek has done much of the work on my body and always dose a fabulous job. He truly prioritizes the customers comfort and takes thier feelings on placement, etc. into consideration. I would reccomend him to anyone. I am very happy with this piercing today. I chose a surgical steel 14 gauge surface bar for the piercing and I do not regret my choice in the slightest. It has now been 5 days since the initial piercing and it seems to be healing just fine. There was no bleeding whatsoever and it has not been sore at all. I have been cleaning it by using sea salt compresses and using soft soap twice a day along wearing only low cut shirts to keep it free of any sort of irritation.

I find this piercing to be beautiful. It is so striking and unique. To my surprise not many people have noticed it even. One thought it was a necklace but quickly realised that it was lacking a chain and proceeded to ask the usual "did it hurt" type of questions. My 70 year old father even told me that he finds it attractive. I am very pleased with this piercing and would definetly reccomend Body Work Productions for anyone looking for this piercing in the Cleveland area.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Derek+Lowe
Studio: Body+Work+Prodictions
Location: Cleveland%2C+OH

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