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Sternum Surface Piercing

my chest pierced!!!! And I loved every minute of the pain. Of course if you are reading this, or are on this site, you are into B&D and S&M (but arent we all?)(its just that some of us have no reason to hide it). Piercings have become my favorite fetish. I only have three, and one of them was self inflicted(to satisfy that fetish craving). The self infilcted one is located at a spot labeled as the "frenum". It is still there and took no time to heal(4 weeks). Don't ask why I did it, I just had to. This piercing is located in the skin directly above the sternum. There is no name for this location, so I have successfuly named it "Sternum". It is a typical surface piercing. It was done as horizontal(which has a greater chance of growing out, as opposed to vertical surface piercings)(but after a month, it has no visible signs of growing out!). I have a 16 gauge, 1 inch curved barbell as jewelry. I hope to find a clear(blue or red) curved barbell to replace this one. The estimated time to heal was quoted as 8+ months. There was quite a bit of swelling, all of which has been drasticaly reduced. The only thing is that after the swelling went away, the ends of the barbells stick out a little bit, and is not too visualy appealing. The barbell is very deep under the skin and curves to the inside. It is uncompfortable to wear shirts with buttons on them because where the two shirts meet, it usualy gets caught on the jewelry.

I don't remembering any pain, but I do remember the rush it gave me. It was like "a warm touch of velvet against my soul" (Six Feet Under: 4:20). Because of its location I could not see it being performed. He placed the clamp on it, slid a rubberband down to hold it in place, and told me to take a deep breath. The needle then entered the skin slowly. As the tip of the needle broke through the other side, this is when the rush came over me. I was completely relaxed. The next thing he told me was that the jewelry was in. I then got up off of my back, and looked at it in the mirror. It was done perfectly. He hit both marks(enter and exit) with deadly precision. He also marked where the other two will go, so he had an idea how it would look, and how to space them. I had it done 1 month ago at Celebrity Tatoo and Body Piercing in Lakewood Colorad. The artists name is David. He is well experienced in the art of piercing, and has done many unusual surface type piercings. I believe he said that he has been doing it for about four years now. Within that time he told me that the locations and styles of piercing have gotten more and more unusual. His boss, an older gentleman, is amaized at what he is capable of doing I had chosen this location because I had not seen it done too often. The artist who pierced me, had no name for it and has never seen it named before. On the sheet he had filled out he labeled it as a "Surface Ladder". The studio was not chosen for any particular reason. I just drove by and the idea of this piercing had been resurfaced. Having a little extra cash on hand, I turned around and stopped in. It was quite spontaneous. I often read "Savage" magazine, and have not seen this exact location done. This is to be the first in a series of three that I wish to get in the same location. They will be spaced about 1/2 an inch apart, and the barbells will be progressively smaller in size(from 1 inch-1/2 inch barbells as a triangle pointing down). The pain was little to none. This was the result of an extreme rush of adrenaline!!! It felt great! It bled a little for about 2 minutes. The only problem is maintenance, but I would recommend this location to all who are considering a surface piercing.

I wish to find more information on flesh hooks and suspension, so if you have any information, please feel free to email me. And I have heard of a practice which entails braiding the skin, I don't know anything about this, and also wish to know more. I read about it in a book on the vampiric underground scene. If it is an unusual location, then chances are that I am considering having it done. If it includes pain, I wish to participate. Justin


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: David
Studio: Celebrity+Tattoo%2FPiercings
Location: Lakewood%2C+Colorado

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