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A Tale of Two Cheek Piercings

e all I have heard about cheek piercings and how almost everyone I know has had raunchy ecperiences with them and had to eventually take them out, I wanted to get mine done anyways. I have always been a pretty quick healer, with only one piercing ever getting infected before (conch). So I went to SanDiego to visit my friend's Andy and Eddie in there new piercing shop, and we decided Eddie would pierce my cheeks. I had been wanting them done for a while, and had never been pierced by Eddie yet, and got to do it in his new shop, so it was pretty exciting for personal reasons. I was pretty excited when we did it, and only moderately nervous to reach in to my mouth and feel how fleshy and thick cheeks are...I really can't remember if we used clamps or not, I was so anxious. All I remember is feeling the needle go through, and how this felt better than any piercing I have ever had before. It felt soooooo good! It had the pressure of getting a shot at the dentist. It felt so good I was glad I was getting two done :) Eddie was an increidble piercer...he has a very peaceful demeanor, and is sweet as can be. Their shop is as clean as it should be, and the atmosphere is very professional and cosy at the same time. I know there are a million piercings shops in SanDiego...but I would have to say theres is one of the best, and I would trust Eddie and Andy with my body completely, no matter what I could want done. My cheeks swelled instantly, and within 24 hours one was infected. I think part of this had to be from being on vacation and things going kind of wierd...I was not in my environment and my son was pretty sick so I was stressed out. Even though it was infected it still felt to good to feel the steel on the inside of my cheeks. I felt like I was getting shots all day long:) When I got home I went to the doctors and got on antibiotics because the infection just wasnt going away no matter what I did. And I dont normally go to doctors or go on antibiotics. And I do take very good care of my piercings. I spent 40 minutes a day doing sea salt soaks and went on my antibiotics, and the infection went away. But it was back again in the other side in a month. Antibiotics again...and I was starting to get a little sick of that. So on and off it seemed like they were starting to heal, then they would get gross again. Months and months of everytime my boyfriend went to kiss me he had to ask me to wipe off my piercings first. Pretty nauseating :) But I loved them, so I just kept putting all of my energy into healing them, doing reiki on my face all day, taking all my herbs, etc. They were by far my favorite piercings and I wanted them to heal! But I eventually wound up on antibiotics TWICE more. I had taken more medicine for these than I had taken for being sick in years. One day I could feel them getting infected for the fifth time, and decided I would try it once more. I hate doctors and all their medicines, but I really wanted these to stay in me and work out. So I was going to hold out for the weekend and go getting medicine one more time. But by that night they were so bad and swollen I was trying to get the jewelry out with a pair of new pliers. My face was so swollen I just cut up the inside of my mouth trying. Luckily there was one piercing shop that I knew people at still open for 10 minutes, so I ran down there and got them out. It was pretty gross. There was LOTS of infection...and my body was pretty happy to have them out even though it made me want to cry.
Despite all this, I am going to try again with them someday, and hopefully Eddie can do it again. I am at a different place in my life right now, so maybe next time it will work out better. But I wanted to type this out anyways so people can be aware of what they may be in for getting these done... I would suggest this as a good play piercing, though, it honestly feels so good. I am getting suspended next month and I am going to do play piercings on my cheeks for the first time by myself while I hang... Atleast now I have the cutest dimples in the world...:)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Dec. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Eddie+Castro+III
Studio: INR.NRG
Location: SanDiego%2C+CA

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