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My Beautiful Corset Piercing

saw my first corset piercing, I fell in love. It was the most beautiful piercing I had ever seen, and I knew one day I would have one. Unfortunately, the town I live in only had one piercer, and their estimated cost was more than I wanted to pay. After two years went by, another piercing shop opened up, and I started apprenticing there this fall. I asked the piercer and boss, Mike, if he had done a corset piercing, or any form of surface piercing before. He said he hadn't, but was interested in giving it a try. I spent a month after that trying to find information about corset piercings, but came up empty handed. The only person that I had seen with one, I came to find out, only did it for a special event and took it out after two days. After talking to a piercer who mainly does surface piercings, I was a little discouraged. He told me that in the ten years he had been piercing, he hadn't seen a corset piercing that didn't reject quickly. I read a bit about spinal piercing, and after reading some sucess stories, I decided to give it a try anyways. The day we did my back, I brought in a picture of what I wanted. I had decided on ten rings, 5 on each side about an inch from my spine. The top and bottom two would be spaced a little farther away from my spine to create the whole corset look. After examining the picture, Mike decided on eighteen gauge rings. We were only going to do the bottom four, so we could see how long it took to heal and if it would reject or not, before we did all ten. I was nervous partially because Mike had never done a surface piercing, and partially because I was worried about the pain factor, although I knew that it wouldn't hurt anything like my nipples did. I laid down on the table and Mike marked my back. I felt the little poke of him lining up the needle, but didn't even know it had actually gone through until he asked how the first one felt. We were both surprised how easily the needle went through my skin, and how I didn't even feel it. Unfortunately, my left side was a little bit harder because my skin was tougher for some reason. Those two barely hurt, and that was only a sharp prick when he pushed the needle through. The jewelry was very easy to put in, with the exception of the beads, which took him a little longer to put in. To my surprise, I didn't bleed at all. As soon as the jewelry was in, I jumped up to get a look in the mirror. All four rings were beautifully symetrical and even. I stared at my reflection in complete awe for a couple minutes, then decided to go buy some ribbon. I had been worried that I might not be able to lean up against my seat, but when I got in (only 20 min. after I was pierced), I had no problems leaning all the way back against the seat. There was no discomfort or pain whatsoever. I came back with my ribbon, and we took many pictures with the ribbon, and without. I got a couple different colors of ribbon to match my different outfits. My corset piercings were exactly what I wanted and then some. The next couple weeks, I made sure to take very good care of my back. Twice a day I put triple antibiotic ointment on the jewelry, turning the rings to get ointment inside my piercings. Even in the first couple days, I never had buildup on the jewelry, and was always able to turn the rings easily. For the first week I avoided laying on my back, or sitting back against something for too long, just to be safe. These piercings reject very easily, so I have taken every precaution to avoid putting stress on them. I also decided to only wear the ribbon occasionally for show, but I'm not going to wear it every day until my piercings have completely healed. So far I have had my corset piercing for a full month with no rejection at all. The first two weeks there was a slight redness around the entrance and exit holes, but that went away during my third week. So far my corset piercing has healed wonderfully and looks like it will last, but if anything happens, I will keep you posted. If anyone is interested in getting a corset piercing, or is just curious about the procedure, feel free to email me, and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Dec. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Mike+Mills
Studio: Illusions
Location: Wenatchee%2C+Washington

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