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My Self-Pierced Bridge

back whats going on everyone? This is my second experience for BME my first one is when I pierced my own frenum (which if you read as healed almost perfectly since that time). But this piercing I preformed was a little bit more extreme.......The bridge of my nose. For those who arent into the whole piercing scene the bridge is located in the upper part of the nose (between the eyes). I got the urge to pierce it when I saw it done on a few of my friends and I liked the way thiers came out. So I thought what the hell, I'll do mine so after getting permission from the parents (they are cool now about my piercings). I began to research the piercing. I knew I wanted it done after I researched it alittle more. So after I did what I had to do I went to Hot Topics and told the guy there I needed to get a barbell because I wanted to get my bridge pierced but I didn't know what size to get so he gave the the bar that I thought was the right size (which it was) I bought my 16Ga SS barbell thanked him and I left. Ok, Now when I got home I told my mother that I was going to the bathroom to pierce it I walked in, smoked my ciggerate then I went to work on it. The first puncture was a bit of a pain but nothing unbearable so I continued I got it in alittle bit deeper and when I felt it almost pokeing through the last layer of skin that's when I said screw this and I counted to 3 and when I hit 3 I pushed it through and that's when I heard the most greatest sound a loud POP So after that I cleaned around the newly pierced hole and screwed on the ball. I walked out and showed my mother and her reaction was a little less then what I expected from her.

Later on, I went out and went to my friend Dana's house when she saw my new piercing she was like your "f*cking nuts how could you do that to urself?" So I convinced her that I wanted it done so I did it. So after that we went to the store because she needed ciggerates and to me this was a great way to "show off" my new piercing. As we were walking down the street and elderly man approached me and had asked if I was a masacist I simply told him no I was a pieracist LOL (my own words) then he walked away muttering to himself on how big of a freak I was. I just looked at him and laughed beacause I guess I am kinda a big freak because of all my piercings. That night when I got back from dana's house (which was around 11) I went into the bathroom and cleaned my piercing. The first night was hell because it kept on getting caught on my pillow and to take care of that I took my pillowcase off of it and then I laid back down only this time I layed on my back with my head elevated to prevent any over-night bleeding that might occur. Well the next morning I woke up and looked at my pillow not a drop of blood I want into my bathroom to look at it I noticed that it was slightly crooked but that really didnt bother me that much. I cleaned the crusties off of it with saline and bactine. I went about my normal day no problems at all. The second night was alot better then the first night, I even slept with my pillowcase on. My mother is starting to like the piercing but she isnt thrilled yet but I'll get her to that point. Ok, here is where I become Mr. Piercer Q&A Did it hurt?- No it didnt but I will say it was not a Pain Pain but a cool pain. Why did you do it?- Because I felt like it and because I think it looks really good on certin people. How do you clean it?- I clean it with bactine and salt water tabs. When do you clean it?- Everyday after I wake up and before I go to sleep. Well thats my experience I hope you enjoyed it and If you have any questions and/or comments you can e-mail me ok? There will definitly be more stories coming ur way but nothing yet I am going to calm down for a little with my piercings. Peace Seth, aKa Darkprince P.S. My e-mail address is darkprince1200@aol.com E-mail me because I love e-mail and I will get back to you ASAP Peace


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Nov. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Seth
Studio: My+Bathroom
Location: My+House

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