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Double Surface Spinal=No Pain

all started off as a big ole plan to get a single surface piercing underneath my tattoo on my lower back. so I waited a long while before seriously considering gettint it done. Then all of a sudden I was in Toronto one day and I went into Stainless Studios (my favorite studio--I recomend it to anyone) and I was talking to Travis (the guy at the desk) and I asked if they would do a spinal surface piercing, he told me not only would they do it, but they were the ones to invent the procedure and jewelry ect, did this ever make me happy. Tom (the one to do it) was busy for the day so I figured I'd come back some other day when he was in. So a few days later when Tom was in I called and booked a consult appointment. So i go in and I hear the bad news. He doesn't think that he can do a single one over my spine because I'm too skinny (damn genetics....) but he does come up with the idea to put one on each side. So in my head I figure we've upped the ante pretty large, pretty quickly, but I figure what the hell, it'll look even better, "lets do it", I tell Tom. So he measures everything and we decided upon two 7/8" barbells, one on each side. I book my appointment for 12 days away when my best friend is comming down from Peterborough (about 2 hours away) that weekend and she'd want to see it done. So I wait my 12 days, and I go to Stainless, only to hear that Tom screwed up and didn't say what depth he wanted the barbells to be made at, so they didn't make them, so my jewelry isin't ready. Now do you know how pissed I was. I had driven over 4 hours on friday to pick up my best friend, planned everything out, got her a bus ticket back home on sunday...and they didn't have my jewelry. So I was a little upset to say the least. They decided that they would get onto making that jewelry as quickly as possible and get back to me so I could make my appointment. So by Thursday I still havn't heard from them, and I'm getting a little upset again, so I phone in, and oddly enough, they were just about to phone me to tell me the jewelry had come in. So the guy asks when I want to have it done, and I'm like "Is he free today??", "Yes" is the answer I get....So I'm instantly estatic and tell him that today is good. I book the appointment from 3:30, 3 hours away, time to wait. I phone my buddy to see if he wants to come to Toronto for a few hours to watch me get it and he agrees, but I tell him that he's got to take pictures (soon to be sent in to BME when I get them developed and scanned, so look for them) and he says sure. So it's all set. I watch some TV, eat some food and pick up my buddy, heading to Toronto. When we get there I had very little nerves (unexpected) and I have to sit and wait around for about 30 mins because Tom is running late. So finally it's my turn to go in. After about 45 minutes of making sure they were marked in the right spot, I finally decide that I'm happy with everything and tell Tom it's time to go. So i lie down on the table and get nice and comfortable and let the procedure start. So he tells me how he's going to do everything, you know, the usual, "this is the needle I'm going to use...blah blah blah" and such. He informs me that he is going to clamp one, pierce and then clamp and do the next one. Sure, whatever you thin is best. So he clamps the first and asks if I'm ready. "sure, lets go" I respond, and i feel pressure on my back, then a slight sting, more pressure, and another sting...not that bad at all. He gnelty slides the jewelry in and tells me that it. I was surprised. He takes a minute or so so I can get ready again and he asks if we're good to go "as ready as i'm gonna be" is m response. Now i was expecting a little more pain for this one as i figured i wasn't so worried about it, I knew what to expect. So same thing, pressure, larger sting, pressure, large sting, and it's over, he puts in the Jewelry and I'm done. I get up and run over to the mirrow, I'm SO happy with the way that the look, like a kid in a candy store. So i leave, thank Tom and head home. I was expecting to have a problem driving home, ut it wasn't that bad, I was able to basically sit normally only about 5 mins after getting it done...impressive. So it's been almost two weeks since I got it done and it is healing amazingly. It is only slightly red around the holes, very little crust, virtually no pain and I have no problems with it. But one word of advice, if you are lying on a knit blanket, make sure the beeds DO NOT get cought in the blanket and then you attempt to stand without knowing because it creates the most intense pain in your life. I'm a extreamly happy with my new double piercing and hope to keep it in for a while. To anyone who is considering it, go ahead, it really isin't that painfull and the healing is great.


submitted by: StarJester
on: 30 Nov. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Tom
Studio: Stainless+Studions
Location: Toronto%2C+Ontario

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