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Madison? Wasn't he a president?

een an avid reader of BME for over 2 years. I actually stumbled over the site on accident. I was amazed to discover that there was a site dedicated to body modification. It was great to be able to read and gather information as well as experiences of people who shared the same interest in the body as more than a bag of flesh but a work of art. Since my first encounter I was hooked and spent a lot of time in the surface piercing section. I found the surface piercings uniquely beautiful, especially the Madison. I became obsessed with the idea of getting one and would religiously read and reread the few experiences that were on BME. The common theme among them all was how temporary the piercings were. Mostly all of the experiences ended in the migration and loss of the piercing. However, all agreed that the experience was worth it. After weighing the pros and cons, I felt the experience of the Madison far out weigh the con. For 6 months I searched for a piercer that was skilled enough for such a piercing. I realized that the only logical choice was the studio, Icon. I have been there before and the piercers there are not only superb but very friendly and don't have that unfortunate "god complex" that some piercers seem to get. Icon was the only studio I found in my neck of the woods that used tygon over the classic stainless steel jewelry. With the tygon the migration/rejection chances decrease over the use of metal. I went to Icon and just my luck the great and fabulous Ian was in town and would be able to do my piercing. Ian is a very skilled piercer and I knew I could trust any piercer that Fakir would have as an instructor at his piercing clinics. I told Ian what I wanted and he carefully explained the nature of the "beast" to me. Ian also explained the reason behind the use of the tygon over the stainless steel. He was very patient with my me when I asked him questions and was very helpful.

I went into the piercing room, which is very clean and sterile, reminiscent of a hospital surgery room. Having been pierced several times and being a hospital worker, I know a lot about the procedures and protocol on biohazard and blood pathogens. Ian cleaned the area and carefully marked the piercing. I watched him and noticed he was mindful of what he touched and changed his gloves when it was necessary. I laid on the table and Ian explained that it would take a few seconds longer and feel like two piercings because of the about of flesh that the needle was going through. After adjusting those damn clamps on a chunk of my flesh, Ian prepared me for the needle. IN... 1,2...OUT. It was over just like that! I felt no pain just pressure. I was very surprised. After cleaning the area and explaining the aftercare, I looked at my new addition and wanted to cry. It was so beautiful and I waited for so long.It was so beautiful and I waited for so long.

It's been 4 months since the piercing and I am pleased to say that it's still there and looks great! I have had no real signs of migration so far. Hopefully, It will stay that way (Knock on wood). I am surprised that it still looks perfect being that the first month I constantly snagged it on my seatbelt. I would say the only problem that I have had was on the second month I was starting to develop a keloid. It quickly went away after I started massages with extra virgin olive oil. Overall, my Madison is a wonderful and the prize piercing in my "steel menagerie". As I write this experience, I can't help but smile. I am so filled with pride about this wonderful piercing. I get a lot of questions and positve comments about it. The uniqueness of it makes non-pierced people more comfortable in coming up to you and asking somewhat intelligent questions. I love being able to inform and change the negative views that many people have towards pierced people and the modified community in general. As Shannon has said several times the majority of the modified community are of above average intelligence. We are not mentally or morally deficient. On the contrary we are more aware of life than the unmodified individual. We honor the wisdom of the past, struggle for tolerance and acceptance in the present, and are the light of the future. Be proud and stand tall. Never let anyone belittle your commitment to self-discovery. MODIFIED AND PROUD! Chubber


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Nov. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Ian
Studio: Icon
Location: Nashville%2C+TN

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