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Piercing myself in Guam

m sitting alone in my very small one room apartment on Guam with all my belongings packed in boxes. Hopefully I will be allowed to leave here soon. I detest the tropics. I wouldn't trust a piercer on this island (there are only 3) with a stick pin let alone a 12g needle. I really want a piercing though. So I'm thinking to myself "Hey, I've got all the supplies, and I've done piercings before. Why not do it myself?" (Of course, I've only done basic lobes @ 12g then helped stretch to 10g. That counts, right?) My job doesn't allow piercings of any kind – even ears are relegated to 2mm brushed silver ball studs. Legally, I could be in trouble for my current piercings (12g nipples) plus any new ones I might add. I have extensive ink, over 30 hours invested under the needle - and still working. I've only gotten interested in piercings in the last 2 years or so. To hell with it. I pull out all the supplies, cracking open an already sealed box to get at them. Autoclave the tools and jewelry, wash my workstation with green soap and set everything up. I take a shower, getting good and clean – always feels better when your whole body is clean. Now I'm ready. I've wanted a surface piercing for quite some time now. I did all the research via BME, RAB, individual searches and people's personal experiences and satisfied myself on the particulars. I chose to do a 12g CBR on my inner arm just below the elbow. (I have a thing about the left side, so most of my mods are oriented to the left. Bizarre, but there ya go.) Very difficult, I might add, just because I was alone trying to use only one hand. (I did a scarification on myself in '96 while living in Alaska. A few month ago I accented the scarification with a geometric knot pattern in white. Both are on my left wrist, done by myself one handed.) I wore a glove on my right hand simply to keep my skin oil and dirt away from the piercing area. Cleaning a good 6 inch square with alcohol and then iodine, I was ready to begin. So I clamped my arm multiple times until I got it right. This was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure. With a deep breath, I poked the tip of the needle into my skin slowly. Very, very slowly. The tip of the needle went in with a small pop which startled me. I tried to pull it back out, but it tugged, so I pushed it slowly all the way through. The sensation was so subtle, I was concentrating completely on the procedure and not the feel of it. This is perhaps my one regret - I didn't get the chance to experience the needle like I should have. There was no pain, nothing like I expected on the tender inner arm. My adrenaline was high and I shook afterwards, but the overall feeling was glorious. I had no problem putting the ring in, although I used a 12g needle and same size ring. A little tight, but not a problem. The bead did take some time and effort. After loosing one bead to the floor somewhere, I waited an hour before trying again. I had some chocolate pudding to calm my nerves, keep away the low that is adrenaline fallout. The shaking stopped and I was ready to try again. I ended up using my knees to operate the expansion pliers and my right hand to place the bead. A little too much trauma on the new piercing, but it should be alright. I don't have access to surface bars, but plan on having some shipped soon. This was a spur of the moment decision to lift my spirits, which it has. I think the piercing might be too shallow, so it may end up rejecting. All in all, I am very pleased and will keep it as long as my body says it's ok, or I don't end up @ mast. 25 Nov 2000 2330 Guam Time Over an hour since completing the entire procedure, including putting the bead on. I don't even feel it! It's very red around the CBR in the exact shape of the clamps. I suppose I had them pretty tight and had tried to get them on for a good 15 minutes before final success. It looks really awesome! I think I will be very happy with this particular piercing. I already love it. I had though to do an identical pierce on my right arm, but I think it would be too difficult trying to use my wrong hand to push the needle through. So I guess that will just have to wait. Next up: Crucifixion Piercings!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Nov. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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