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my nape: challenging the

ver heard or let alone seen a nape piercing before going onto the BME website, but when i did it inspired me.

When i get really bored with life i go out and do something totally impulsive, sometimes its just little things like just walking into a hairdressers and getting my hair cut differently ( a typical girly thing i know) but then sometime i get a little more extreme and go get pierced, often not in the usual places, so its a good job i don't get that bored to often.

After seeing the pictures of the nape piercing i started talking about it to my friends, showed them the pictures and they all said yeah go for it, probably half expecting for me to just forget about it in a week or two, they don't really know me that well and so didn't realise that i would go get it done. Pay day was in a week and by this time i pretty determined that i would get it done, so when pay day came i went and got some money out of the cash machine and went into a piercers i had heard about from a friend, they sent me to their other studio because the piercer had never done a nape b4, so off i treked to their other studio where i met the piercer, a really clean cut guy with no visible piercing or tattoes. He sat me in an old dentist chair and made the entrance and exit marks on my neck, then he froze it, then after a bit of chatting i turned round to see what he was doing, i was a little suspious of why i was waiting so long, i had barely turned my head round when he told me to turn back round as he hadn't put the ball on the end of the bar, a little shocking to find that i had been pierced and not even realised it!

After about a week the bar became painful, it made it diffecult to move my neck and when i did it hurt, worried that it was either rejecting or infected so i went back to the piercers hoping that it was just that the bar was to small, i was glad to find out it was because of the bar being to small, so they changed it to a larger one for me.

The reactions have varied quite greatly, some have told me they really like it, i've had others tell me i'm repulsive (but not to my face) others have come straight out and said they don't like it, quite a lot have been rather aprehensive about it not knowing what to think because they have never seen it before. I don't really mind the bad reactions its just the fact that if i had come back with something like my navel pierced no one would have blinked an eyelid at it, but because i challenged the norm of what people see as an "acceptable piercing" they didn't know how they should react, i'm sure when people first started getting their navels pierced they found they got the same reaction, like i'm sure in a couple of months when a few more people have their napes pierced in my area it will be seen as "more acceptable" but until then i wish they wouldn't judge me on it. Most of the time it isn't even me who points it out to people, either they ask or my friends show it off. The people who ask me have often heard about me from friends although it it strange when i hear that classes of people were having a conversation about my neck, and i seem to have given up my identity and become know as "the girl with the neck" All this controversy over a piece of metal! I wouldn't recommend this as a first piercing though as it can be a little worring as you can't see it to clean it, or to check that it looks okay. When the skin started hardening up i only knew what was going on due to the fact that a friend knew who had had surface piercing before (her ankle) but other than that i'd recommend having it done, the piercing was totally painless and as long as you keep a close eye on it over the first couple of weeks you'll be okay. Now my only problem is deciding what to have done next, i want my scrumpter pierced but my work and parents are against that one, its the visible thing with my work although i was quite lucky with my nape and them letting me keep it (they are quite narrow minded, a girl i work with has her tragus pierced and they really don't like that)any ideas people have please send them to me as well as any questions you might have.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Nov. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Kevin
Studio: Pagan
Location: North+England

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