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My corset piercing...

f my piercings had been pretty mainstream; I had my nipples pierced and some very wimpy gauges in my ears. I knew after the nipples though, that I was incredibly in awe of the piercing process and I needed more. The only question was what. My friend settled that question for me when she sent me pictures she had found in the BME gallery. She found a picture of a corset piercing laced up in red ribbon, and I knew I had to have it. I printed out the picture and carried it around with me for a few weeks, building up the courage to take the step and get a piercing that I had never heard of until BME. Eventually I decided to go take a trip to my piercer. (He goes by the alias blackdeath, I like to call him god...) I showed up to visit him on a friday night, and took a seat, waiting for him to finish up what he was doing so we could get started. I was scared and nervous, but I had decided beyond any doubt this piercing would happen. We got started at last, and I walked back into the small piercing room. I sat up straight in a chair while he measured my back and decided where the rings would be placed. There were to be ten in all, 5 symmetrical on each side. It seemed to take a long time, but I think it was just my nervousness; I had a hard time sitting still. I wasn't about to complain either; the last thing I wanted was a bunch of crooked piercings down my back! He finally finished determining placement, and I checked it out in the mirror to find everything was perfect. I lied down on the piercing chair, waiting for the fun to begin. The piercings were done with 14 gauge rings, perfect for lacing a lacy ribbon through. Everything went smoothly, though it was a bit tough clamping the area. They were all done in one sitting, with a few breaks in-between. It hurt, although I thought the nipples were worse. Besides, the pain only lasted less than 5 seconds and I considered it worth the trouble. Most of the customers in the shop were fascinated as I walked out with the piercing in progress, I felt like such a celebrity. The worst part of the entire experience was definitely the anticipation. As I was sprawled on that chair, my feet tapping the wall I had them pressed against, my hands were clenched by my chin. The clamps were fastened and I was left to wait for him to ask the qeustion, "Ready?" I would say yes, nervous that I knew the piercing was about to happen. I wasn't the pain that worried me, it was just that it always seemed to take me by suprise. It was like that feeling you get when you know somebody's sneaking up behind you, but that doesn't mean the shock doesn't scrae you any less. I had complete trust in my piercer. Not only had he been the one who pierced my nipples, which turned out wonderfully, but he was quickly becomming one of my closest friends as I visited him more frequently. It was comforting to know that he was a neat-freak, and that could be seen in his piercing area. Every counter was completely neat, everything was sterile, and I knew I was in the best of hands. After a while, everything was finished up, and I once again looked at myself in the mirror. The corset looked so good, I couldn't wait to walk out with my backless shirt and flaunt it all around. We took some pictures first, one of which can be seen on the wonderful BME piercing pictures. We laced up my back with a blue ribbon, and it felt a little odd with the new piercings being pulled, but it wasn't a painful feeling. I took good care of them, cleaning them regularly, and showing them off to anyone in sight. I got many different reactions from people, some gasped as they struggled to comprehend what I had done, but suprisingly many were curious and asked tons of questions. I had random people coming up to me asking if I was "that girl with the piercing" and if I could lift up my shirt and show them. It was incredibly fun! Regretfully though, most of the piercings rejected after a few weeks, and I ended up taking the rest of them out. Though my piercings were short-lived, I would recommend it to people who are interested and hope they have better luck! After the corset, I returned again and again to my piercer, adding to my collection three belly button rings, a tragus piercing, and a cleavage piercing. We are currently in the process of piercing the entire length of my spine with surface bars, but that is another story in itself. I'm eventually going to get the corset redone with surface bars once I'm done with my current piercing project and can find the extra money. Until then...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Nov. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: blackdeath
Studio: +
Location: New+Jersey

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