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fun with surface piercing

een interested in piercing for a few years, but it's only been the past year that I've actually done it, once I built up the courage, decided what I wanted, and chose a piercer. I didn't stick with my first two piercers because the first one made me uncomfortable (she was super hyper) and the second one, who one of my friends is intensely loyal, is quite skilled, but our personalities just don't mesh. Then I found Juliette who has been piercing my other friend for three years. I chose to try her because she answered my questions, the shop was very nice and clean/sterile(where necessary), she was professional, and really nice. I had several interesting conversations with her before she first pierced me. Also just from an appearance standpoint, I could stand to reason that she had lots of personal experience. My reasons for continuing to be pierced vary from the endorphin high, to accepting my body, and embracing what I see as being beautiful. After some recent complications with a rook in my left ear, I decided that I should leave my cartilage alone for awhile. I wanted to try something different. A few piercings on BME caught my eye, one of which was a surface piercing near the navel. I did research, looking at jewelry (look up surface barbells in the glossary), chance of rejection, procedure, aftercare, etc. I went and had a few conversations with Juliette. She was very optimistic about it and decided I had enough flesh for it and took care of my piercings well enough to handle a surface piercing, so I chose a horizontal surface piercing below my navel. I had to wait for two weeks before I was able to go and by then my level of anticipation was so high, I practically ran to her studio. Two of my best friends came to watch, although both have several piercings, neither had seen any surface piercing done before. Juliette, as always, was a joy to be around. I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear as she got everything ready. We went to the back and she had me tuck my shirt up into my bra to keep it there, and put a paper towel into the front of my pants to keep from getting iodine (or blood) on them. Then she cleaned the area first with these strange wet towelettes (not sure what they were) and then iodine. I had to stand perfectly straight and fight the temptation to look down as she spent a few minutes playing with the placement of it, arranging two dots with a surgical marker. Finally, when I was satisfied (it's about a half inch from the bottom of my navel), she clamped me, which despite what I've heard, really didn't hurt, mind you, the skin on my stomach is very pinchable.

Still beaming ear to ear, she asked me to concentrate on my breathing, which I did and then the needle went through. It took maybe a full second for the needle to pass through, I think. She pierced it with a 12g needle so that the manipulation of the 14g titanium surface barbell would be easier. This part was quite enjoyable; it was an intense release of all the excitement building up to it. After the complications that I mentioned with my rook, I believe my pain tolerance is much higher now, but still, it really wasn't as painful as I had thought it might be. She then put the surface barbell through, which I could watch, since I didn't have to worry about moving any more. This scraped a bit as it passed through, but that was momentary. Then she cleaned me up. Apparently, I had smiled through the whole thing. I wasn't too surprised, I was ecstatic, it looked beautiful; there was no redness and just a very small amount of blood crusted around the entry hole. The experience was a sort of high, and it took me nearly two days to come down from it, leaving me craving more. All in all, extremely pleased with Juliette's work, again. She talked about aftercare in the usual spiel. Then she instructed me to chill out in the back to make sure I was okay, which we did for a few minutes. Then I paid her and we left. There was a very slight dull throb, which I still feel when I sit down, but other than that it felt fine. I've been cleaning with iodine as BME and Juliette recommend, building scar tissue and hence, reducing the rate of rejection, and Mecca (a present from Juliette), which is an antibacterial ointment, just on the surface around the piercing, not inside it. I have to be careful which shirts I wear because some rub against the beads causing irritation. I'm very conscious of where other people are because I don't want it to get smacked. Other than these, there are no real problems. Cleaning is fairly easy, iodine washes away easily, this is uncomfortable, but pain-free. I haven't had any crust or weeping, but Juliette told me that I can still expect it in perhaps a week. All in all, this is my favorite piercing so far (my fourth) and every time I see Juliette I get more loyal. Surface piercings rock, (knock on wood it doesn't reject), and I definitely recommend them (with a skilled piercer, of course).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Nov. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Juliette
Studio: One
Location: Ottawa%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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