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Gettin Carried Away

to begin? I guess it all began in matric, during the stresses felt when writing your final exams. Without my parents permission, they happened to be overseas at the time, i rushed off to get my ears pierced. Both of them , cause it was the in thing for guys at the time! As is often said, one piercing leads to another! Soon I was back in the studio, piercing my left cartilage! my parents flipped but what could they do! the healing for ears went fairly well to say the least. soap and water twice a day did the trick and now im cleaning them everytime i bath...fairly straight forward. after exams, i decided to get something to symbolise my triumph. i pondered on it for awhile then decided on a tongue ring! off i went, scared as hell...but the studio dude, calmed me down nicely by telling me about tongue splitting and how its so much more painful! it was over in no time...no pain...well hardly any! i had to hide it from my dad for two weeks cause i couldnt speak properly. i told him i bit my tongue badly and he believed me so i was home free! a month had passed and i was craving another piercing...my nipple seemed like an idea cause ive got a great upper body and they'd go well with my tatoos. again, the piercer dude, who i rate very highly, told me about this one guy who's nipple rings were ripped from his nipple because he tied a chain to them and it got caught on something! he was just warning me. i wont lie and play tough...it hurt like hell but look so cool! i remember...half way through the procedure, when i had a needle through my nipple, he stopped and started speaking to me. he refused to continue until i stopped complaining about the pain...how selfish of him...but it was nice...made it more exciting! it healed quite nicely actually...problem was that i play goalkeeper in soccer and couldnt quit to let it heal so i encountered a few painful moments...funny huh! i cleaned it twice a day, with a special soap,, and now, i hardly know its there! its very sensitive and has grown in size...my nipple i mean, but not abnormally! its similar to a womens now...and my girlfriend loves to suck and fiddle with it...turns me on majorly! considering she lets me do the same, ive got no complaints. ive since had a surface piercing done near my upper stomach area below my chest. very cool...if i must say so myself. it hardly hurt although you'd think it would. ive got a small problem though...ive gotta keep it hidden from my parents cause they wouldnt like it...i mean, if they freaked over my ears, what would they say about my other piercings. i think im kinda obsessed but its a controlled obsession...i can stop anytime, or hope i can. so after conquering so many things, i decided to get a prince albert!
it took me along time to decide on a day to do it...about a month to be exact...then one day, i just woke up and said, "today's the day!" off i went with a friend of mine, for moral support. we arrived and since i was the only one there, we got right to it! i pulled down my pants...my underpants...revealing my shrivelled penis...how embarressing! the guy told me to relax cause hed seen many before...even his own. he pulled out the needle, wipped on his rubber gloves and told me to brace myself...all id feel was a sting. YEAH RIGHT...i closed my eyes and prayed that it would be over soon. it was but it hurt like hell...i couldnt drive, couldnt walk...couldnt piss! i can still remeber the feeling of the needle going in the coming out...ouch! cleaning this little thing is a pain though because it hurt for a good few days and left my white sheets with a few red stains. im loving it now and so is my girlfriend. id say our sex lives have improved...we do it about eight times a week, thats four more basically than we used to! ive been trying to convince her to get her clit done but shes too afraid...i still maintain that one day she'll get it done!

i think the best thing about my piercings is walking topless on the beach or the moment just before sex...when your partner realises what you've done to yourself and how sexy it looks...chicks dig it, and it works for me to. ive been trying to decide on my next piercing...something interesting and unusual...i love the thrill of the pain and the healing experience! if you have any ideas, help me out...itll be highly appreciated.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Nov. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: john+nathan
Studio: yeoville
Location: johanessburg

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