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ankle surface piercing (self done)

I've been into piercing for a few years now. A big fan of BME for around 2 years. Over a year ago, I got my tonuge pierced at Inkslingers on Gratiot in Detroit. The guy who did it, did a hack job and fucked up the piercing...I'm surprised he didn't hit a vein! I was 16 at the time and didn't have any consent to get the piercing, so I was stuck in a rut & I ended up not doing anything about it. After realizing what a bad job this guy did, I started looking at people who had shitty piercings and thinking, "damn it...I could do a better job then that..." I've tried to find someone to apprentice for...but my search has been unsuccessfull. I did find one chick who was going to help me..but she wanted me to pay her an insane amount of money to apprentice me...I'm willing to pay for the time..but for me...it's not worth hundreds & hundreds of dollars . Finally, one day I just bought some supplies, a couple 14g piercing needles, some clamps, gloves, ..all the stuff you need...,( I was surprised at how easy to find & cheap the supplies really are.) I looked at my body, this practically open canvas. I thought for a long time about what piercing I would do. I wanted to give myself a challange, so I chose to do a surface piercing on the ankle. I thought about it for a few weeks before I even considered doing it. The day of the piercing, I woke up and turned the radio on, I took a long hot shower and tried to wash away all the anxiety I had about doing the piercing...questions running through my mind..."what if I mess up,..What if I hit vein or a nerve..." It was bothering me a bit. I towled off and got dressed. I went downstairs and ate some breakfeast and had some juice. After that I went into my room and turned my stereo over to the cd player & put on NIN- the fragile- left. It got me in the mood and my adrenaline was pumping. I put the first pair of gloves on, preped the area & steralized everything. I got the clamps and grabbed a nice area of skin without any viens in the way, I marked the entry & exit holes lightly. I made sure it was even & was centered. I got the needle and began to push through the skin, I was a bit surprised at the force I had to use to get the needle through. I got a cork and put it at the sharp end of the needle.

I switched gloves and grabbed the barbell. I placed the barbell into the open end of the needle and started pulling the needle out while slowly pushing the barbell in. So far so good, I screwed the ball onto the barbell and removed the clamps. Surprisingly, it didn't bleed & it didn't even hurt either. Once I had removed the clamps, I realized the mistake I had made. The barbell was too small. I didn't have any other 14g jewlery. I kept it in for an hour or so, but I realized that it would most likely reject the piercing with the jewlery not being long enough. I sat back and lit up a smoke. I was proud of myself, but at the same time I was releaved. Of all the problems I could have had...this was it. I wasn't to upset about it. I grabbed the camera and took a picture of it to have a reminder of what I did wrong. So, the next time I try to pierce myself, I will look at that picture and remember. I looked at it in the mirror. It was otherwise a perfect piercing, it was positioned perfectly, no bleeding,& pianless. Sadly, I took out the piercing and started to watch my beautiful piercing heal without any jewlery in it. It was a little tender to the touch for a few days after, but no real pain at all. This expierance was a trail & error basically. I tried and failed, but I can learn from my mistakes, and next time I will definatly remeber to measure the length of the barbell...and between wholes. Maybe I just had beginners luck, and I could mess the next one up horribly. But for everything I did do right...I learned from BME and for everything I did wrong, I overlooked because I was so excited to do the piercing. So if you get the guts to try it yourself, all I have to say is, keep everything sterile, make sure the placement is even, centered..or what not, & always make sure the jewlery is big(long) enough for the piercing...sometimes you grab more skin in the clamps then you think.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Aug. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Melinda+Hicks
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Location: Michigan%2CUSA

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