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Quick and Painless: My Madison

a porn star with this piercing, it instantly struck me. I had to have my neck pierced. I had never seen it before and was in awe of its beauty. I did very little asking around. I saw it, I wanted it. It is not an eyebrow, nipple, or tongue piercing. This piercing was a little more extreme than that, and that is exactly what I wanted. I asked a woman I work with who has some piercings if she had a shop that she normally used. She gave me the name and number of the shop. I called told them what I wanted they said they would take me as a walk in the following Friday. I be came very anxious, Friday could not get there soon enough. Friday came and my friend and I went to the shop. She (my friend) had some kind of hair appointment, and much to her dismay she couldn't stay to watch me get stuck. After I told Ezzy (the piercer) what I wanted, I was informed of the difficulties of surface to surface piercing and scarring and all the crap I really didn't want to hear. I was pissed and wanted to fly out from the shop. The success rate was low, and I thought it unacceptable. I really wanted this done. I was torn. Ezzy showed me a PTFE barbell that has some flex and said it might increase the chances of keeping the piercing. I was happy, and I did not need a whole lot of convincing. I was ready. As Ezzy prepared his room I sat and waited. I was asking what I could do to try to increase the chances of being able to keep this thing in my neck. I guess there is not a whole lot you can do. I would be at the mercy of my body. I started to bargain with my body in my head. I thought to myself "Body, if you don't reject this I will be sooooo good to you. I won't smoke, drink, or eat junkfood. I will provide you with eight hours of sleep every night until this is healed." I shall see how my body liked this offer.

Excitement had started to settle in now. I was called into Ezzy's room removed my shirt and Ezzy made his marks (a whole lot of them). There were like crosshairs on my neck. It looked like I was about to be dissected. I welcomed it. I really didn't want to have to get stuck more than once. I would endorse anything that would help to keep the piercing straight the first time through. I also am a fan of the forceps. It makes the whole process easier. Call me an idiot, but the forceps hurt more that the needle...everytime. I got up and looked in the mirror at the marks. Perfect I thought right where I wanted. Low enough that it would not be noticed if I had on a t-shirt. I gave Ezzy my approval. There was little trouble getting my skin into the forceps, he pierced a lot of it, but once my skin was in place it was a piece of cake. Now my excitement has turned to nervousness. My heart has picked up speed and I can feel my hands beginning to tremble. I grabbed the arms of the chair to try to steady them. I don't want to be percieved as a wimp. A few deep breaths and reassurance to Ezzy that I am willing to carry this thing through and WHAM!...the needle is done in one punch very fast, very little pain involved. The piercing is behind a significant amount of skin about 3/4's of an inch. I was/am very happy with it. Now I had to show it off. Everyone that I had told I wanted my neck pierced thought I was absolutely nuts. I didn't care what they thought. This was something that was making me happy. I was doing it for me. That night I go out with a friend. We went to a bar and had a few beers. There was a Bud-Light promotion going on and I was flirting with the woman in the tight bud light dress. I asked her if I could get her honest opnion on something. "It is brand new and looks kind of nasty," I told her because there was a little dried blood and it was still a little swollen red and bruised looking. I showed her. You would think I was Frankenstein, she actually screamed! I thought that was great! She was certainly honest. Later I see a guy with sleeves of tattoos on his arms. I thought this guy had to be in touch and maybe I would get my first positive response. No such luck. He called me a freak why would I do that. I told him why and he laughed. I asked him to look at his arms and tell me what is more freaky? Apparaently my Madison is. Now on Monday we shall see how the suit and tie set likes it! Somebody somewhere will like it. It is still just 45hrs old, but it looks very good the redness has gone down huge amounts and I haven't had too much crusting yet. I love it. I hope my body lets me keep it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Ezzy
Studio: Third+Eye
Location: Brooklyn%2C+NY

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