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My Own Hand Web

I've been reading BME for a coupla months now so I thought I'd try and give something back. Here is my self-pierced hand-web piercing experience. I'd been considering getting it done for a while, as I eventually want to have all my knuckles pierced and my thumb/finger hand webs on both hands. So this weekend I decided I was going to go for it (Oh yeah, my parents were away too so I could do it unimpeded!). I went into town to a shop that I knew I could get some sterile needles from and some nice jewellery too. I got what I needed (two ½" 12ga 316 grade ss barbells and a couple of needles one 1.6mm and one 2mm as they had all but run out of the 2mm needles). I then had to wait until I got back to my house as my friend and her mother didn't fancy the idea of me doing it there! Finally got home later that night and spent some time doing other stuff to avoid the big event but at about midnight I said to myself 'OK, here we go'. I went and cleaned up, cleaned the first bar and prepared myself. I figured I would do my left hand first and then do my right hand. I decided to try using a bit of ice to numb the area first, which worked right up until the needle was about half way through my skin. But I'm jumping the gun there, it actually took me two or three attempts before I had the guts to fully break the skin, then it started hurting and without a clamp (which was irritating) I was unable to hold the skin on the other side which made it even harder to break the skin on the way out. So I finally managed to get the needle through and I realised that it was actually quite painful. At this point I figured I would try and take a photo of the needle protruding from my flesh so I could show everyone, I couldn't however find a camera and felt a bit odd wondering round my house with a needle sticking through me. So I returned to the kitchen to finish the job. By now it was getting quite sore and I found it difficult to move the needle at all let alone in a way that would allow me to easily insert the bar as I removed the needle. In the end I had to push the needle through (it was quite a long needle!) and try and put the bar in afterwards. Not too hard you may think, but the bar was externally threaded and it hurt a lot to push it through, especially trying to get it out the exit hole. However, I managed it, breathed a sigh of relief, and sat down. I also decided that maybe doing both at once was a bad idea, maybe next week! I gave it a quick clean up to remove a bit of the blood and then covered it with a melolin pad to stop it catching as I slept. All would have been well if it wasn't for the fact that I had to go to my supermarket job at 9am the next day (today in fact) I kept it covered to avoid customer complaints and did the best I could as I heaved heavy boxes and trolleys around, and had to put up with almost all the staff coming up to me to see what I had done to myself this time (my last effort was a self done scrumper which grew out after four days). As I write this it is very sore and typing isn't very easy. The soreness also seems to be spreading a bit so I'm going to try and rest it as much as is humanly possible. Not easy when my day job includes lots of data inputting! Overall, an interesting experience which, although wasn't pleasant, was satisfying and something I'll probably do again.

Two Days Later. Well, it has been nearly two full days since I carried out the procedure. In hindsight, it was maybe a mistake to pierce this particular part of my body when my only form of transportation is a motorbike. It makes using the clutch very difficult! Anyway, it was very sore all day today, but when I got home from work I decided I would, very carefully, apply some anti-inflammatory cream. It seemed to do the trick as it stopped hurting so much and some of the swelling went down. Later in the evening I applied ice (well, frozen peas) to it after I had cleaned it with a sea-salt solution and that too helped with the pain and swelling. I've regained a lot of painless movement now so I hope everything is going to be OK with it. I've had many strange reactions to it too. Ranging from people telling me it scared them, to a big friend of mine screaming and turning away. Most people have just asked my why I did it, to which I can only really say, 'Because I wanted to, because this is what I enjoy, because I can change the way I look so that I am happy with, in a way that I am happy with' I have been told that it is self-mutilation (which I suppose is true, but in a nice way) and have been asked if I don't like myself, to which I said 'Well, yes. In fact I like myself more this way'. All of this has made me realise just how narrow minded some folk can be about something which really isn't that odd, and has made me even more determined to go ahead and do what I want to do. I don't think I'm going to stop modifying myself anytime soon. It's just too much fun!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 July 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: myself
Studio: kitchen
Location: UK

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