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My DIY Ankle Piercing age 13

boys and girls. I pierced my own ankle. It's a surface piercing, on my right ankle, between my Achilles tendon and my anklebone, and it's vertical. I wear 14kt gold 14ga surface bar in it, and I hang an amethyst jewel from the bottom of it. I have had it for 1 month now, with no signs of rejection, or infection. Here's how I did it: Ok first of all I took a sterile 14ga intravenous cannula needle. It was packaged and sterile, and my mum got it for me from work. I cleaned my ankle with an alcohol wipe, and put some gloves on. The gloves were the latex type with the stinky powder in the inside. Like what the dentists wear. Anyway. I got a surgical marker pen, and held the jewellery (jewelry in the US) up against where I wanted to pierce it. This was so that I knew when I put the jewellery in it; the skin won't scrunch up because I marked the holes too far away. I put the 2 dots on my ankle where I wanted to pierce it, and when they were right, I took my gold bar and put it in an egg-cup that had pierced ear antiseptic in it, to clean it. I pinched the skin on my ankle so that the two dots were aligned. I held it like that, and took the needle (the type with the plastic sheaf on it). I put it against the top dot, and pushed. It took about 5 seconds to go through, and it hurt a little bit, but just like a sting, much like an injection. Then, I removed the needle, leaving the thin plastic sheaf in. I cut the sheaf shorter, and then I took the gold surface bar, which is like a normal straight barbell, except the ends are slightly curved, but not as much as a navel bananabell. I put my amethyst charm onto the end of the bar, so it hangs off the bottom ball. Then I put the end of the jewellery into the plastic sheaf, and threaded it through, just like how you would with a needle. I screwed on the top barbell, and admired my handiwork. I now had a brand new shiny gold addition to my ankle! I did it on the right side, because I wear my gold anklet on the left, and I didn't want it to get caught up in it. I cleared away all my stuff, and cleaned my new piercing with a mixture of saline solution from a can, and betadine. For aftercare, I clean it twice a day, morning and night, with saline in the morning, and remove crusties with a Q-tip, then rotate the jewellery, and at night, I clean it in the bath using Provon. I did it higher up than my shoes, so it wouldn't rub on them, and it's my favourite piercing. I only have 2 in each ear, and I did the second holes with my own ear-piercing gun, which I bought over the Internet. I also did my navel, which is called 'My DIY Navel Piercing age 11', and is listed in the navel piercing archive. I can't wait 'till I got to Turkey on holiday this year, so I can show it off. People who see it ask "what is that?" and "did that hurt?" I tell them I did it myself, and it's an ankle piercing, and that it didn't hurt. I really love it, and people have asked me to do theirs for them! I've never seen anyone else with one, except on BME. I think mine is almost healed; it stopped giving out crusties after 2 weeks, and isn't tender to touch anymore. I found it easier to wear tights (pantyhose) with my ankle piercing, instead of socks because it rubs on it less, and rubbing on a piercing causes rejection (as I have found out). The top and bottom ball on my ankle surface bar both come out, so I can change the dangle anytime I like. I've used gold necklace pendants to put on, which look nice, but I think I'll stick to my amethyst and gold flower dangle. It hurt to walk for the first day, not because it affected my foot, but because when you bend your foot, the skin moves around, and that kept moving it, which was uncomfortable. I wore pantyhose in bed too, just so that if a ball because unscrewed, then the pantyhose is holding the bar in place and it won't fall out, and that way I won't lose my precious hole. My mum hasn't seen it yet, but I'll show her when we go on holiday, or even better, on the plane. She won't make a big commotion with a lot of people sitting so close to her, for fear of embarrassment. It's not like she'll go postal or anything; she has her navel pierced, which was done by a professional. She saw how they did it, and knowing I wanted to have mine done, she offered to do it for me, but I said no, because I didn't trust her with my navel. Even though she cut my umbilical cord at birth. She's a nurse by the way. Me saying that, she said that because I don't trust her with my navel, I'm never ever getting it pierced. That's why my story 'My DIY Navel Piercing age 11' was written, two years ago. Love from Liana ICQ# 68818781


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: My+House
Location: London%2C+England

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