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The time I pierced my arm

n't really been interested in piercings for very long; of course I did appreciate naval piercings and earrings; I just wasn't into the other types. I started checking out BME when a friend showed it to me. I saw the beading and other interesting things and wanted to find out more. I have been checking out BME almost every day since then. One night when I was sitting in my room I decided that I wanted to put beads down my forearm. I had seen a couple of examples before and I thought it looked cool. It kind of looks like you have a spine going down your arm. I didn't think of going to a professional for it, I figured that I would be able to manage it myself. After some careful thought, I decided that rather than just cutting myself open and putting the beads in I would start off with something easier. I decided that for starters I would pierce my right arm just above the wrist horizontally and then string a bead chain through it. I went to the sewing cabinet and got one of the sewing needles that my mom had. It was about four inches long and not very wide. I don't know what gauge it was, but I figured it would do the job. I went back into my room and sterilized the needle by holding it in the flame of a lighter, then wiping it on a rag to remove the oxidation. I probably should have used alcohol too, but I didn't have any on hand. I then turned off my lights and turned on my black light and a little White Zombie just to get myself in a proper mindset. I didn't mark the entry and exit on my arm points because I figured I'd be able to do it by eye. I entered the skin on the back of my arm on the left side. I pushed through about an inch and a half before coming out. Going in was almost completely painless, but when I had to break back through the skin at the exit point it stung a bit. The whole thing took me about ten minutes because it is hard to get yourself to do something like this to yourself if it is your first piercing, and also it was very hard for me to push the needle through my flesh. I had to put a lot of muscle into it just to get the thing through. The hole was not even close to big enough for the bead chain to go through, so I thought that I would put weights on the ends of the needle to stretch the hole. I used the kind of fishing weights that you clamp on with pliers because they fit onto the needle easily, and they were on hand. It looked kind of like a long thin barbell with large balls on the end. I left that on for a while, but then gave up. I guess I was pretty impatient because they were only on there for about an hour or so. I took the weights off and removed the needle. It came out much more easily than it had gone in, with only a drop or two of blood from the exit hole. I did get a slight infection. A day or two after I had done the piercing the exit hole started to hurt and took on a slightly green color. This was easily fixed by cutting the exit hole open with a knife, and squeezing out the puss. I then rubbed salt on the wound to clean it. Other than that the whole thing has healed up nicely. There was a bump that went along the path of the needle for about a week, and I am disappointed that it is gone. There has been no scarring whatsoever. I am planning on getting some larger needles so that I will be able to string the bead chain, and eventually put the beads down my arm. I don't think I will be going in to a professional for the job, though I probably should. I just want to do it myself so that I can have the full experience of doing it. I will probably take more care to clean the piercing next time so that I won't get another infection. If you are just starting out with piercings, I recommend doing the needle through the forearm because it is relatively painless, and it is easy to do. You could probably also try it on your leg, hand, etc. without much trouble. Just make sure that you work with clean tools, and you clean the holes. If you have any questions my email address is: Malariush@yahoo.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 June 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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