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Getting a Wrist Piercing

st piercing was done with a PTFE (polytetrafloroethelyne) barbell and goes through a length of skin along the top of my right wrist. On this day, I had originally decided to get my handweb pierced but when I went to see my piercer he informed me that he had done handweb piercings before and they usually didn't come out very well. He told me that he'd prefer not doing such a piercing and so I decided to look for something else. I spent quite some time looking through the various piercing books at the shop trying to decide on what to get, then I decided to ask how wrist piercings usually turn out. I had seen piercings through the back of the wrist before and had considered getting it done on a few occasions but never thought of doing it anytime soon. Well, the time came. I was looking for something a little unusual and the wrist piercing satisfied my craving. My piercer told me that they tend to migrate but he had never really had any major problems with them before. He took a look at my wrist and said that I had more than enough loose skin there for it to work. That clinched the deal, I decided to go for it. The actual piercing was quite routine, two dots were marked at appropriate places on my wrist and the area was clamped like usual but because the piercing has such a long length (roughly an inch) the skin had to be pulled really tightly to get the entire length into the clamps. This was a bit annoying but it didn't really hurt. Then came the needle. It slipped through the area like butter, I was aware of a sensation but it wasn't painful, more of a feeling like when an area recovers from being numb. This was the first non-facial piercing I had ever received and therefore was also the first time I ever got to actually watch the process. It was really interesting. After putting in the PTFE barbell, the clamps were removed and the area was cleaned. There was practically no pain in the region, only a bit of a "heat buzz." In the following hours the area did feel somewhat like a mild brushburn and was really sensitive to pressure but within hardly any time it felt fine again. I spent the first couple of months being very careful not to bump it because I didn't want to cause any damage, especially internal damage I couldn't see. In those few healing months whenever I would put a slight bit of pressure on the skin above the bar I would feel a sting of pain. This would completely go away whenever I removed the pressure. This is how I measured the internal healing of the piercing. I'm not exactly sure how long it took for full healing because piercings heal from the outside in but I think that it was fully healed in about four months. Despite the usual trend, I've experienced very little migration. Every so often I have to screw the beads down the length of the barbell a little more then take fingernail clippers and cut off the extra remaining ends but this is very seldom. It seems to be going through a "geological" migration, which means that its going very slowly. If too much migrates I will eventually take out the jewelry and have the area repierced but its been over a year and a half now and the amount of migration is very minor so I'm not too concerned. One thing I have learned though, suntanning or heating the area often hastens the rate of migration. I found this out because often after such a incidence I would notice days later that I'd be trimming the barbell. So a good tip to anyone interested in such a piercing, try to keep it out of direct sunlight for too long a time. I occasionally catch the beads on something but it has never torn the skin, the most it does it cause that side of the piercing to become red for a while. For the most part people don't notice my wrist piercing. Sometimes I'll be buying something somewhere and a cashier will notice it as I hand them the money. In general, people think its some kind of wrist bracelet, so the reaction to it is never really anything bad. I personally love it. It adds that amount of pizazz to my wrist which was previously bare thus giving it a more artistic feel. I recomend it to anyone who realizes the slight discomforts that will come along with it (it does catch a lot, even though it doesn't tear) and who knows that because of the skin's motion in that area it will probably reject at some point.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 April 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Keith+Chamberlain
Studio: Stormi+Steel%2FSkin+FX
Location: Kingston%2C+PA

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