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Crucified again (4 hand webs)

ied again (4 hand webs) A while back, I had my wrists pierced as a testament to crucifixion. I took them out after a photo shoot for my new CD. We used two rolls of film for it. Turns out that one of the rolls was mixed up by the guy at the photo shop. He gave my photographer slide film. Needless to say, we lost half the pictures from that shoot. As release date for that CD continues to draw closer and closer, I couldn't figure out what to replace those pictures with. While I was sitting in the studio I frequent (Art Attack, downtown Orlando), I was glancing through my piercer, Billy's, portfolio since he'd gotten new pictures. I saw his hand web pictures, and he only had three different ones. I know he's done many more. I asked if he'd like to get a picture of someone that he'd done all eight web piercings on. He told me no one's crazy enough to want that. I just gave him a grin and we set the date for two weeks from then. When I came into the shop he said he just had to finish the barbells. He hadn't gotten them all threaded yet. I sat and watched. It was quite a learning process. I'd never seen how my jewelry was made before this. We made eight 14g barbells of various length. I only agreed on 14g because of how temporary these would be. We then went into his private room with my photographer (to get REALLY nice pictures). I sat down and we cleaned my left hand up nice. We decided to start with that one because if they were too much for me, I wanted a hand to use as it healed up. This was the most work I'd ever had one at once. Billy then brought over a high powered flashlight and held it between all my fingers, one at a time. Each time he would use a pen to mark where the veins ran. He did on the top and bottom the same way. Next up, we planned placement. He would mark an entry hole on the top, and those were pretty generic marks. On the bottom was where the fun began. We chose to move them inward on my hand about ¼" which he said was fairly deep. For the inside, each piercing got three marks. He does these unclamped, so those are so he has a few good choices of where to stab in case he can't hit one. Once all the marking was done, we got all of the supplies out and lined up the barbells on the table. Billy got the first needle lubed up and placed on the top of my hand. The first one we'd do was the one between my thumb and index finger. He told me just to relax so I leaned back and started breathing deeply. As it went in it was a very sharp and intense pain. He paused for a moment to line up the exit and pushed it though. That was another intense pain, more so than the first. He put a cork on the end and we took a picture. The second piercing was just as bad, but over just as quickly (about 3-4 seconds). The third, between my middle finger and ring finger, was a bit worse than the others, but very quick. The last of the four was so intense that I told Billy we wouldn't do my right hand. Once all four needles were in and corked, we had the task of putting the barbells in. He used a custom tool he'd made which was a 13g taper needle. The taper was drilled so his 14g barbells would screw into it and so their threads couldn't tear a fresh piercing. He screwed the first bar into his taper and slid it between my fingers (starting on the thumb side). He felt like a very got sensation, but the bar went in very easily. We screwed the ball on, and everything went just as easily through all the rest as well until the last one. It caused quite a bit of pain as it went in. Once all four were in, we took quite a few pictures, and went to the sink to wash my hand with anti-microbial soap. At this point, it just felt like I had tight rings on each finger. We got most of the blue marks off, but the rest I'd leave for digital editing when I got the pictures home. The photo shoot went great. Everyone that noticed the piercings asked a lot of questions. I kind of enjoyed the attention from them (which I normally don't with my other piercings). After the shoot, driving home was interesting. I'm glad I decided not to do my right hand. On the drive, my little adrenaline buzz was wearing off so I started to feel the pain. It was just a dull throbbing. Nothing new after my 21 other piercings. I dropped my photographer off and went inside to call a friend. I then took off to her house (long drive, 35 miles) to help her with her Algebra homework. I was over there for a few hours and noticed the pain in my hand was just getting worse and worse. I noticed it was swelling and that I couldn't see the bar on the outer two bars. After I left her house, I rushed downtown. I'm really glad Art Attack stays open late. It was the only shop open downtown. Billy had left sick a few hours earlier, but Chris was there and said he'd take them out for me. For you readers who don't realize this at first, you need two hands to unscrew a barbell. I couldn't get them out myself. We started with the one furthest from my thumb. Once the ball was off, my hand swallowed the bar. It was too short for how much I'd swollen. It slid out easily and I went to the sink to wash it with the anti-microbial soap. As the water hit it, an unbearable searing hot pain shot through my entire arm. After I'd gotten it clean, we used a topical cream to numb it and all the other ones. We removed the other one on the outside and it had swelled past the bar too. These two bled a bit, but not too much (about 3 drops). The other two weren't too swollen at all, but it just didn't look right. I only kept the one next to my thumb. I was planning on keeping it for about a week or so. I thanked Chris for helping and I took off. I cleaned my hand extra well once I got home and just went straight to sleep. After waking up, I found an interesting surprise. My entire hand was swollen and bruised to where I couldn't even make a fist. I just spent the whole day avoiding using my left hand for anything, and washing it if I touched it anywhere. The next day, the swelling had gone down. I could use my hand again, but it hurt to do anything with it. Today is the third day and I now have almost full control of my hand again. I'm taking it easy until it's healed all the way. Cleaning burns pretty badly, but all piercings do that the first week or so. I've grown to like the way it looks, and I'm planning on trying to keep it. So far, it doesn't get in the way too much. I'll update after the healing's over with to let you know. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at MirroGuy1@aol.com Also, to see the photos from my shoot or hear my music, check my web page at http://members.aol.com/MirrorGuy1


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Billy
Studio: Art+Attack
Location: Orlando%2C+Florida

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