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my anti-eyebrow piercing

just pierced my eyebrow on Tuesday for the fourth time. The two rings I had through my left eyebrow had rejected a couple of weeks ago and I was quite upset about it because I really like my piercings. I then realized that they had rejected because the rings were too thin and that if they were a bigger gauge they would stay in longer. As I have two little scars where the rings used to be, I figured I should pierce my eyebrow on the right. The next day I was looking on the bme website and I saw a picture of a guy with an anti-eyebrow piercing. I had thought about doing one when I did my left eyebrow piercings four months ago, but as I had rings through them I thought a ring through my cheek would look pretty silly. The guy in the picture looked really good with the piercings so I decided that I would pierce it and wear a spike through it.The only problem was that I had just spent all my money the day before and I only had £2 left. I would have enough by the following Wednesday to get a spike-bar. Wednesday came and I went to town with the money. I was really excited about it and I couldn't wait until later that afternoon when I would do the piercing. I got to the shop where I buy my body-jewellery and it was just my luck that they were closed for the day! So I decided that I would wait until the following Monday then I would have enough money to buy two. I was going to use the other one for a madison piercing which I had wanted for a long time. On Monday I had £35 and I went into the shop and bought the two spikes and two bars which I planned to put through my nipples, one which I'd pierced two months ago and hadnt got around to buying the bar for, the other one I had pierced the night before. I got home that afternoon at 3:30ish and I was expecting an empty house as my Dad had said he'd be late back. I ran upstairs to my bedroom to get my mirror and a needle and I took it into the games-room to do in there. Then I heard the back door open and it was Dad coming home early because of the snow. I ran into my bedroom with the stuff and called "hi" to Dad as if nothing was happening (he isn't overly happy about me doing piercings) and I locked my door. The only place there was in my bedroom to put a mirror was on the windowsill so that's where I put it (I was aware that there was a chance of one of the nosey neighbours complaining that their children could see what I was doing and it was very disturbing to them, even though I have net curtains up; but I didn't care!)I looked at where I was going to do it (below the eyebrow piercing )and held the skin together with my right hand thumb underneath and my middle and index fingers above. I took the needle and with my left hand I stuck it into my skin where I was holding my thumb. I put the needle on the tip of my thumb and then kept hold of it with my left hand, and I pressed it upwards as hard as I could, also pushing my right hand fingers downwards. The actual piercing is the REALLY fun part! When the needle got to near the top, as with all my other piercings I had to push it even harder to get it through the skin. I got a small piece of hard plastic with round dent in the middle to push it through and then I pulled the needle right through. The piercing only took about a minute. I used a slightly bigger needle to enlarge the hole and then I took the spike-bar and unscrewed the end. I remembered when I'd pierced my eyebrow and bridge I had trouble getting the bars through and they'd taken about 1&a half hours to push them through. It was getting them through the hole entrance that was difficult with the bars being so blunt. But this one was surprisingly easy. I got it through the entrance quicker than the others had, then from there I just pushed and it had gone all the way up, well, almost. The problem was that the bar just wouldn't go through the last layer of skin. It was too blunt and the piercing was quite a distance. I was trying to push it through until 7:00 then my tea was ready and I stayed downstairs for half an hour with the curved bar through by cheek and no top to it. I went upstairs immediately and quickly checked my e-mails when my dad came in and asked to see my new jacket(I had also bought a new leather jacket while I was shopping) so I hid my spike with some hair I covered my face with and then went back into my room. I was still trying to get the bar through to the other end for another two hours. At this time I'm sure many people would've given up, but not me. I HAD to do this. My attitude is that I'll either have the piercing I want or I will die trying! I knew that eventually it would go through even if it took all week. And eventually it did! At midnight I took my dog for a walk with a bent pin through the piercing and when I got back I tried to get the bar through again for 15 minutes. Then I reached the dicision that the hole was too long for the bar. I took the bar out and I put the needle through the hole and ended the hole a millimetre before the original hole exit I'd made. I tried the bar through this hole and the hole was a bit too thin so I used a thicker needle to enlarge the hole and that worked. FINALLY! The bar went straight through the hole! I screwed the end spike onto the bar and at 1:30 in the morning I admired my new piercing in the mirror. It took me SIX hours! It was a long time but it was well worth it! The next day at school people noticed it.Some people have said that it's so gross that they can't even look at it. And of course I was asked the usual annoying question 'didn't that hurt?' The truth is that I like pain, but it didn't really hurt at all.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: me
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