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I pierced my own hand web

tart with the basics. I'm 16,fixen to turn 17 in about a month(go me)and at the moment I have 7 piercing. the top, and bottom part of my navel. 2 in the middle of each ear. and my lip. But this experience is about what was my most favorite piercing I ever had. My hand web. Oh yea, I live in Albany, Georgia....which only has 2 piercing/tattoo parlors in the Albany area and I don't really know much about how they really do the piercings cuz IT'S so freakin EXPENSIVE THERE. Anyway I've had so many more since I was 14 when I did my first piercing. the weird thing with my piercing experiences is what I got pierced first, and what I got pierced last. my first piercing(all of the piercing I have, I've done myself) was my hand-web.All together, I've pierced it about 4 times. At one time, I had 2 rings in at one time. Now, about that hand web. Of course I was scared of pain. Every time I thought about what might happen, I freaked out. But I remained calm and went ahead with it. The whole process took me 3 HOURS!! Because I would pierce and pause....over and over again. I used the smallest SEWING needle I had. DON'T DO WHAT I DID THOUGH. because I didn't sterilize it or anything. I just washed it..and used it. anyway so I sat down in my room, had the TV on to keep my mind off the pain. and slow ...very slowly, I put the needle through my hand web. All together, it didn't hurt...just felt like somebody was pinching me.EXCEPT for the hardest part. which was getting it to go out the other end. I always have trouble breaking through the other end of skin. So I got my compact and held it in my hand against the hand web and pushed the needle in until it hit the mirror. after that, I put the mirror down and pushed the needle through...THAT WAS PAINFUL AT THE MOMENT...then faded. that small piece of skin is big as hell when your sitting there piecing it for 3 hours!!anyway I took the needle out and put a earring ring through it. it was so swollen compared to my other hand web..and it was all red. But other than that, I was happy with the results and 3 weeks later pierced another hole right below it. I loved the response I got from it. I did get a lot of "oh my god your sick!!" and "what the hell were you thinking???" kind of responses..but that just made me feel more special..haha. I guess me being the only one with a piercing in my hand in the WHOLE south Georgia region made me feel unique. especially since everybody here is so trendy.=( anyway About 3 months later though, I took them out because I couldn't play volleyball with my friends in my PE class and I was just getting bored with them in there. The skin healed and my hand web isn't pierced anymore. there's just like whit skin where the skin grew back. it's really weird looking.=( Although I plan on piercing it again=) After that, I pierced my lip, but i think made it look kind of retarded because it's about a centimeter from my lower lip line... which is tooooo close to my lip. But I still think it looks pretty damn cool. I've had my belly button pierced 5 times which was rejected 3 times, and my ear, which I just recently did, has 6 gauge earrings and rods in them. I takes me forever to pierce something...but in the end it's so worth it!! And I haven't regret piercing anything....only thing that I do regret is the fact that I took my hand-web rings out...damn. oh yea, about worries I had and about all that safety stuff. THERE ARE PRESSURE POINTS IN YOUR HAND...YOU HAVE TO BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL IF YOU WANT TO OR PLAN ON PIERCING ANY PART OF YOUR HAND YOURSELF!!! I'm not gonna say don't pierce it yourself if you don't know what your doing....because hell, I didn't know what I was doing and i went ahead and pierced it. It was the first piercing I had....and I didn't take any safety precautions at all which was really stupid of me. I was lucky nothing got infected and that my hands didn't fall off or anything like that.But who knows...but You should take safety precautions, and things like hand-web...well, they might be better off being pierced professional. That's just my opinion though. if you have any questions about my piercing or how I did my lip, navel, or ears...E-mail me. I'll happily answer questions =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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