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Spur of the moment hand web

as a completely unplanned piercing that I let my fairly new apprentice do on me. I knew she was going to go home and try one on herself that night and I had visions of her going home and completely messing herself up. She had been watching and assisting in the studio for a couple of weeks and felt she needed to get the feel of the needle going through the skin, and was also unwilling to subject anyone else to her novice abilities until she had tried it on herself first. Previous to this she had pierced her own tongue (number six right at the front - god knows how she can still talk with so much metal in her mouth!)As her teacher I wasn't really happy her doing her first piercing, unsupervised and on herself, because I know myself how different it is when you do your own piercings. So knowing that she would go home and do hers anyway because she was really hyped up I was frantically trying to think of something to let her pierce. The only piercings I am currently planning are more labia piercings and a vertical hood. However I didn't really think they would be suitable for a first go, especially as it would be difficult for me to watch and supervise (imagine!) Then I suddenly remembered my hand web. I had wanted this piercing for ages, but had always thought wearing gloves all day would mess up the healing, especially as they are prone to rejection anyway, so I had sort of given up on it and forgotten about it. Well, it would be easy to supervise and I figured if she did mess it up, I could always console myself that it was doomed to failure anyway. So just before we closed I called her into the studio and said, "There you go, do me a hand web piercing!" She was a bit stunned because she wasn't expecting it at all, but she was dead chuffed that I would let her pierce me. We cleaned it and marked it up. I made her do everything without any help from me, to see how much she could do on her own. At first she marked it a bit to shallow, but after a subtle hint she realised how much space she had actually got, and marked it up deeper. Next discussed clamps and jewellery sizes, all the stuff she would have to know if she was doing it for real on a customer, and measured it up for the bar. Then it came to doing the actual piercing. This was really weird because normally I zone out for getting piercings from almost the moment I walk in the studio, but this one I had been concentrating on and I had to watch it to see what she was up too. So there I am, all tense and she is a bit scared in case she messes up my hand but at the crucial moment she is steady as a rock and I manage not to flinch as I see her line up the needle and push it through. It was strange being able to hold up my hand and see daylight through the hole! What with all the chat and everything, she had measured up the piercing and picked the right size for the bar but forgotten to actually get one out of the packet so I had to wait a bit while she unwrapped it. Then she slid in the jewellery really smoothly and screwed on the balls. We sized the bar so the balls fit my hand rather than the length of the piercing so I can press my thumb against my index finger without them digging in my hand. We both went home really buzzing, me from the piercing, and her more so from the fact that she had done it! She went home and pierced her own wrist that evening anyway, but at least I knew she wasn't going to butcher herself. The first couple of days it was tender and my thumb ached from trying to hold it out all the time because it was sore to close. It pussed a bit but I just washed it frequently with mild soap and water Now it is two weeks later and it seem to be doing really well, apart from the skin has gone slightly calloused over the top, probably from constantly washing and drying it and forgetting the moisturiser! The discharge has practically stopped and the bar moves real easy through the piercing. The only problem I have had with it is the little balls keep coming unscrewed and it is really difficult to tighten them yourself with only one hand to do it with! And the fact that you use your hands so much means it gets knocked or caught occasionally, but even that doesn't hurt like I thought it would. I hope it doesn't reject because I am already quite attached to it, but if it does I think I would definitely get it done again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Arylene
Studio: Primitive+Origins
Location: London%2C+England

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