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My Double Madison

. (if you know him and can pronounce his last name, please forgive me but it looked something like Jeshaluskatovksi...) was well known as the best piercer in the Boston area. My first piercing with him was my tongue. I didn't feel a thing. My wife (then girlfriend) had equally good experiences with Joe getting her nipple and bellybutton done. Therefore the decsion of who was going to my Double Madison was not hard to make. WARNING Before reading on, do not get a piercing just because you saw it on an album cover.

In 1993, after seeing a picture of a pseudo double clavicle piercing on the inner cover of a Steve Vai album, nothing was going to talk me out of getting a Double Madison (one piercing on either side of the divet where your collar-bones meet). At this point I already had my tongue, nipple, nose, and frenum peirced. Joe had tried to talk me out of it telling me he had never seen one stay in and mine would surely fall out. This was after he explained to me that what saw on the album could not be done and the closest thing was a Double Madison. However, as a consolation, he offered to re-pierce the scar tissue if they did reject. Joe clamped off both piercings, then put the needle through one (then the other). They were the most painful of any piercings I had. After he clamped the left, I prayed for the needle to go in, just because I knew that would mark the end. Given that the tongue, nipple, and penis took a combined time of about 4 seconds; these two took an eternity. He finally clamped the right. Luckily (in a demented way) he clamped more skin on the right then on the left. Why was this a lucky event? Because it totally distracted me from the needle going in the left. But not for long, damn that hurt! With my other piercings after the initial penetration, the shock just fades out and you're left to bask in the afterglow of a new piercing. No, not this time. This hurt. I felt every bit of it. Every turn, every twist. (And did I mention the needle was about three feet long.) And just when you thought it was over, I was getting a double!!! I elected to get 12 gauge hoops in each hole in a hope to keep the piercings in as long a possible. To Joe's credit, the procedure was flawless (no running blood, minimal lingering soreness). They were red for a few days. However, with the exception of edge crusting early on, the healing process was uneventful. I followed all of the usual instructions (per Joe) to promote the healing process, Tea Tree oil and Calendula oil. (To this day the smell of Tea Tree sends shivers down my spine.) It wasn't long before I was spinning them around like they had always been there. I chained the hoops together as a sort of half necklace, then it happened. I enjoyed my Double Madison for all of six months (which after reading some of these stories is longer the most) before they started growing out. To make things worse they were rejecting at different rates. The right side was starting to grow out before the left. At first this was OK because the right was set deeper to begin with. It wasn't long before the right one was out, but I couldn't bare to take out the left. So I looked weird, I really liked this piercing and I wasn't going to let in go with out a fight. About a week later it snagged on a loose shirt (not painful, it was literally hanging on by a piece of skin no more than 1/8 on an inch wide.) Initially the scars were pretty horrid. They were raised bout 1/4 of an inch and about an inch long. Normally that wouldn't even be half bad, but these were all misshapen and discolored. After a year of living with the scars (missing the Madison greatly) I decided to prepare the scars for repiercing. At this point they were as hard as a rock, so I started monthly cortizone injections into the scars. These injections proved to be more painful than the piercings. Picture it, 5 to 6 injections into each rock hard scar. To make this worse, they made noise. (please don't stop reading, this is the truth) The cortizone pushing itself into the scar made a noise like someone dragging their hand across a balloon, only more quiet. The shots worked on softening and shrinking the right one, and had no effect on the left. Can you say freak?! To this day, people stop me on the street and ask what those 2 scars are, so its kind of like I still have the rings in...Maybe someday soon Joe can re-pierce them both for me...believe it or not, I DO want to go through all that again!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Joe+J.
Studio: Rites+of+Passage
Location: Allston%2C+MA

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