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Ring Finger Piercing

irst of all i'll have to thank BME for the idea for my new piercing. I was in the market for a new piercing somewhere and I saw the finger ring and decided that it was the piercing of choice for me. So I took that idea and bounced it around for a little while, I had called several piercing places and inquired to see if they would be able to do it for me, all had said no for various reasons, mainly because of the fact they did not do surface peircing because of the problems that could arise from it. So I put it off for a little while, and one day I went with my friend darryl when he went to get tattooed, and while he was gettin his tattoo I started talking to thier piercing guy, then I proposed the idea for the finger ring piercing to him, at first he was hesitant and did not want to do it, but then he apparently saw how much I wanted it and agreed. He disappeared for several minutes and returned with a barbell in his hand, he told me that he had made this for me so as to attempt to prolong the migration of the piercing. The barbell was a 14 guage, and was made from the plastic sometimes used in piercing (pfte I think its called) but the point being it was flexible so as not to tear out, it I got it caught on things. I didnt have the cash on me that day to get it done, so I told him I would be there next week to do it. So a very long and anxious week had passed and I returned to the place to get my finger pierced. I brought my friend melissa with me for some support. So walked in and they recognized me, the finger guy right ? yup. So he started to clean up the jewelry while I filled out all the necessary paper work to get it done. Ten minutes later i was sitting in the chair in his little room. He explained that short of a vein check I was as good as pierced. So he put a rubber band tight on my finger and waited for a vein to pop up, nothing. Tried again, nothing. He knew that there are veins that run down the top of your fingers so he said he might not be able to do it. I was able to convince him not to worry about the vein and to do it. A minute later he was putting the clamp on which hurt alot, and as per all my other piercings the clamp has hurt more than the piercing has, so I said if this hurts the most ill be in good shape. Then he pierced it, i think the worst part about it was that it took him a long time to pierce it, so he wouldnt hit the vein, thus making it more painful because of the time involved. Then he popped the jewelry through screwed on the beads, and that was it. The first time, I made a fist hurt a little but the skin stretched out so it was not painful at all. I paid the man, he took some pictures for his book (as we agreed on, he said he would cuz it would be the only time he would do this) and i was on my way. Its been about 2 months since I had it pierced. The piercing never hurt, only when I would occasionaly get it caught on clothing or something. But I must say that I took it for granted. I neglected the aftercare of it, he had stressed about keeping it clean, and because of the location of it, it would be hard. I washed it and soaked it but not with the frequency I should have. It got infected several times, but i was to stubborn to take it out, but its ok now. Currently the finger does not hurt, there is no discharge it is just red and irratated looking, but I dont mind so much. In retrospect I kind of wish I had looked into this some more, I know that the place I went to wasnt the cleanest of places, and the guy had not done any surface piercings before, so he was guessing at it. Plus the barbell was plastic, thus it could not be autoclaved correctly, but I overlooked all of that because I got caught up in getting it done I didnt really care. So I must add to anybody thinking of getting it done, find somebody good, its worth the wait. Ive had mine for two months now, and i was told it would only stick around for a month, but it has not really started to migrate out yet. If you have any quesitons feel free to email me PrinzeAlbert@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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