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The tale of my Madison

e I am sitting at home after just returning from my peircer trying to make a decision. The decision is whether or not I should remove my madison but I guess I should start from the begining. This all started about a year and a half ago when I first found BME. I orgininaly looked up this site to find out information about tongue peircings and since then I haven't been able to get away from BME, I come online regularly just to see wahts new on this wonderful site. So one day I come across the madison and I was memorized. I loved it the frist second I saw it! But back then I was still new to the entire piercing thing and never thought that I would actualy one day have a beautiful curved babrell threw my neck. But now here I am 6 more peircings later and I still want my madison more then anything but there was so much holding me back. I knew that my parents would be extremly pissed, my firends hated the idea (no one likes any of my pircings) but my main concern was my job. I REALLY wanted this but I wasn't going to risk loosing my job when I live in a small closed minded town who doesn't hire people with piercings (I have my tongue, lip, nipple, inner conch, tragus, helix, lobed and madison done right now). It wasn't until October 14, 1999 that I decided I was going to get it done. I was at school and my best friend wasn't there that day and I was feeling like I shouldn't have gotten out of bed so I thought to myself screw this I'm getting my madison peirced. I took the city bus to the small place where I got my last 3 piercings done and went to the studio only to read a sign saying that he was out to get some lunch and would be back shortly. I was in a part of town there there was no where to go but the pawn shop so I spent 25 minutes or so in there just looking at the cds. When I returned to the studio Jason (I think thats his name) was back and I was talking to him about getting my madison done that day, he had known for some time that I wanted it done but I was always hesitating. This was the first peircing that has ever made me nervious. I wasn't scared about the pain because I was expecting it but I was scared of what my family would do and my job. Another lady came in to get her belly button done and I let her go ahead while I decided what to do. She was in and out of the store in less then 20 minutes. I asked Jason if he had any curved barbells becuase I didn't want a hoop and once he went and got it and showed it to me I knew that I wanted it. Jason and I deicded to do it lower on my neck (kinda right below my neck) so when I was wearing a regular t-shirt it wouldn't be sean so it wouldn't affect my job at all. So there I am sitting in that well known peircing chair with all these thougths going threw my head as he cleans my neck and marks it. I thought they looked a bit uneven so I got him to redue them then oked them. The clamps where placed on my neck and all I could do was tell myself to breath becuase it was hurting. The needle hurt alot going threw, more then any of my other peircings (maybe even all put together) I couldn't breath, I was trying to make myself becuase I knew it would help with the pain but I couldn't help it, the pain shot threw my entire body. I had never felt that before. when ever I got something peirced just that area had the pain. Jason told me that the needle was threw but it didn't feel like it, there was no releif or anything even when the babrell was put in place. But the weirdest thing was when the clmaps where taken off they still felt like they where on. I talked to Jason a bit longer while me cleaned me up and I was on my way. I did notice later on thought that it was slightly crooked but it doesn't bother me, it makes it more "me" When I was walking home I noticed my dad outside and just thought to myself oh shit becuase he would see it but I just took off inside really fast and changed my shirt so no one would see it but I decided the next day not to hide it frm them. I wasn't going to tell them but I wasn't going to hide it and it took them almost 2 weeks before they noticed it. My mom was made but not as mad as usual but what really surprized me was my dad he came in and looked at it and all he said was "its crooked" and I told him that I knew that and liked it that was and that was it and every now and then he would ask me how it was doing. It was almost like he was starting to accept what I enjoy doing or just didn't want to start a fight which never helps anything. For after care all I did was wash it with pHisoderm twice a day and soon that became once a day in the shower So now its November 30th and I have my decision to make, you see my madison is growing out. It has only been a month and a half since I got it done and its almost all the way out and there is nothing I can do about it. There is so much extra barbell now that I'm pulling it all the time and making it bleed at times and I'm at the point now where I don't know wether I shold take it out or not. Thats why I was at my peircers today so see what he thinks. He told me that it was my decision but there was no chance it would stay in now, even by some chance that it stoped growing out I would end up ripping it out. I know I should take it out now before that happens but I can't bring myself to it, I love it and im crying now just thinking about having to remove it. I knew when I got it peirced that this would most likely happen but I didn't think so soon and I didn't realize how much it would upset me when it came the time to remove it. Im not ready to get rid of it, I don't know how to explain it but it just doesn't feel like the right time. Its a part of me that I don't want to abandion. My friends all think I'm being silly but they aren't pierced and don't realize what its like to alter your body in such a beautiful way then have to remove it, it sorta feels like I'm loosing a friend The first thing I did when I got home today was asked my dad to take some pictures of it becuase I know the time is coming for me to remove it and if I can work myself up to it I will remove it tonight. For anyone reading this please take into concideration when you are thinking about getting anything pierced that you can't just remove it, its not that simple you will get emotionaly attached to that little piece of jewlery that adorns your body. I will always have a scar on my neck to remind of beautiful barbell that was once there and I do intent to get it repierced with the same 14g curved barbell that just seams to belong in neck... Update Dec 2, 1999 I couldn't bring myself to removing my barbell the other day and today in law class I touched my neck only to realize that my barbell wasn't there anymore, I had to fight back tears as I started to put my hands down my shirt to look for my barbell, I was lucky that I didn't loose it. I didn't feel it rip out at all and it hardly bled. I don't regret not taking it out when I was first going to but it does look really gross right now. So that is my sad madison tale but it wont stop me from trying it again. Leslie


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Dec. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jason
Studio: Canadian+Red+Dragon
Location: North+Bay%2C+Onn

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