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Another piercing, this time a madison

ded to get a madison piercing after two of my friends got theirs done. I was talking to one of them and he said "You should get yours done!". At first I said, no, that I didn't want it, but then I got to thinking. The more I thought about it the more I decided that I did want it after all. I tried to do some research on BME but there isn't a lot of information out there, so I'm hoping my added experience will help. I must say, where I live, there is a serious shortage of good piercing places. I chose the shop that I went to because I knew that both my friends had been pierced there, and their piercings had turned out really well. I've had a few conversations with the piercer in the past and he has always been friendly and knowledgeable about piercing. I went down to the shop with a friend of mine and told the piercer that I was going to get a madison. He had been expecting me for awhile since I'd told him of my intentions earlier in the month and said I was just waiting to get the money together. Well, now I had the money and I was all set, though a bit nervous. It seems no matter how many times I get pierced, I still get nervous before each one. He got everything ready and sat me in the chair. He gloved up and we began the procedure. He chit chatted while marking me. This is probably the most difficult part of a madison piercing, trying to get the markings straight and centered. He tried a couple of times and finally I suggested standing up. This seemed to work much better. We both agreed that it looked even and I sat back in the chair again. I must say that it wasn't easy getting that clamp on. I didn't think it would be, after all, the neck isn't the fleshiest area. He continued to chit chat while clamping my neck and though it pinched it really didn't bother me much. This part of the piercing was the most uncomfortable. I wasn't sure what to expect pain wise, though my two friends had told me it didn't hurt at all. So, here I was clamped and ready to go. I was nervous when I'd first walked in but he set me at ease with our conversation. He had me take a few breaths and then, he pushed the needle through. I was surprised, I felt absolutely nothing at all! Maybe the tiniest of stings, but it was barely noticeable. This has got to be the most painless piercing ever! As far as bleeding goes, there really wasn't any blood that I could see. He inserted the jewelry (a surface bar), and again, it was painless. He held up a mirror and voila! I had a madison! The jewelry used is a flat bar, on each end there is a small part that sticks up and the ball is screwed on at each side. He had a bit of a problem getting the ball on after the jewelry was in, but I would say that had more to do with the angle that I was sitting (straight up in a chair), and the fact the he couldn't get close enough to me. Once he got a good grip on the jewelry with a clamp, he got the ball on no problem. I have read some experiences where people have lost their madisons because the ball has come off and the jewelry fallen out, so I will be making sure the balls are both on good and tight every day. The conditions were sterile and Mark (the piercer), is very good at what he does. He handed me an aftercare sheet, I paid the boy and went on with my day of wandering aimlessly downtown. The piercing gave me no problems while I was downtown, but for the occasional stinging. I got it done this afternoon and I must say it looks great about twelve hours later! It's a bit red around the opening of each hole, but that's pretty normal for a fresh piercing. I expect the redness will go away completely within the next couple of weeks. I'll be giving it salt soaks on a regular basis and washing it with a liquid hand soap twice a day, at least for the first couple of weeks. I have heard that madison's have a high rate of rejection so I will be doing my best to insure that this piercings lasts. If you have any questions about this piercing, I'd be happy to answer as best I can. Remember, before getting a piercing, it is best to do as much research and read as many experiences as possible to know what you're getting into. Later days!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Nov. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Mark
Studio: Krystal+Blade
Location: Fredericton%2C+New+Brunswick%2C+Canada

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