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Self Done Double Bridge

w everyone...This is my bridge peircing story. First off I'm a 17 yr old male that is totally into self modification. Well you see, One day I was sitting around my hous thinking of new peircings to give to myself. I was looking at the BME website and decided I wanted my bridge done. I give it consideration for a couple of days and decide to go for it. I had so many thoughts running through my head at the time. I didn't know what the reaction of the town was going to be. I didn't know if I was gonna hurt myself. I didn't know if the peircing would heal correctly. Nothing, It was kinda weird. I of course have my own needles and such for these purposes. I get out my 12ga needle and a 12 ga barbell. I go into my bathroom and look at myself in the mirror and decide it's now or never. I took the needle and , after much more careful consideration, jabbed it through the bridge of my nose. I was now totaly amazed to notice the lack of pain and blood involved with this peircing. I put my barbell through and screw the ball on.I watch the first peircing for a few weeks and watch to make sure it heals correctly. I use bactracine to clean it and make sure it gets cleaned at least twice a day. So Far So Good. I think it looks absolutly great personally. It has not bled nor really swollen at all yet. it has no pain whatsoever and it looks damn good. About four weeks later I sit and look in the mirror again and think to myself "I wonder what a double bridge would look like". I get out my supplies and prepare to do the second peircing. I give this one great consideration also and decide to make this a vertical bridge and have this one go directly under the previous one. I mark the spots on my bridge for the barbell and once again use my 12 ga. I take a deep breath and slide the needle under my first barbell with less pain than the first. I then slide my barbell in and sccrew on this ball. This peircing gave me the look of a cross on the bridge of my nose. It goes over well with the locals. For the next three months I use bactracin on my peircings both night and day to make sure there is no chance that either of them will get infected. I have had the peircings for three months now and have not had a single problem with them yet. Neither of them have bled nor become infected in any way. It's terrific. Plus you should see the looks I get living in a retirement community with this. It lets me know that the older people that live here aren't ready for my generation to take over the government and makes me feel damn good about myself. If you wanna know anything, feel free to email me at Tradskinoipunk@aol.com Alot of people may have questions about this peircing. I know alot of the people around here do. So I figure I can help you out by answering a few FAQ about my peircing. 1) What affects will that peircing have on your future? A) It shouldn't have very great affects actually...The peircing will, in time, grow out and you will have nothing but a small scar across the bridge of your nose. 2) What were youur thoughts as you got that done? A) My thoughts were that I wanted to have something that no one in my town had. It maes me feel unique in a sense to know that I started something in a retirement communtiy were 90% of the people are 45 or older...It is sad. 3) Did that thing hurt? A) Honestly this peircing hurt about as badly as my ear hurt. There was virtually no pain and I had no blood. It was a great peircing. 4) How long does that take to heal? A) This peircing takes roughly 6 months to heal...Mine will take longer because I just recently stretched my first one to a 10ga. 5) How long should I wait till I change jewelry? A) You can change the jewelry realativly soon after the peircing. Within the first week. However if you are stretchin the peircing I suggest you wait a couple months for that. 6) What do your modifications mean? A) My modifications are on me as an outlet of the hatred I have towards conformity and towards the way, if one has a peircing he is automatically a bad person in christian eyes and such. It makes me ill. Thank you for your time


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Oct. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Myself
Studio: Bathroom
Location: Florida

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