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my (failed) attemt at a self hand web

been interested in body modification for quite awhile now. i remember seeing my first tongue piercing when i was around 14 and thinking how odd it was because i've never seen it before. i never gave it much thought after that. the only thing i had ever done was get my ears pierced. but i guess for a 14 year old, 4 holes in one ear was not very common. then in my grade 11 year of high school i got my first tattoo. it wasn't a great decision and i hadn't thought about it long enough, so now i am in the process of getting it covered up with something different. that summer i decided i wanted my tongue pierced, and from then on it went to wanting more and more. so in my senior year of high school, i was the only girl who had their tongue done twice, the labret, the lip and a double eyebrow (which i have had re-pierced but it migrated out within a month). since then i have gotten another tattoo which i love and i plan to get more. that brings me to now. i had for about 2 years now wanted to get my hand web done. and a couple of nights ago i decided that i could do it myself. i had the jewelry from my eyebrow already and i had a needle that i could use. i wasn't nervous at all and i read a whole bunch of things on it and the aftercare and the procedure. so one night i decided i wanted to do it. i knew that if i was going to do it myself that it would be harder for me to handle the pain, even though i didn't have any problems with any other piercings or tattoos before. so i got one of those 'emla' patches that help to numb the skin. i waited about two hours for it to take affect. it didn't help much however, since i could completely feel the skin around my hand. i took a needle that my mom had, which she got from the doctors office, and put it in some rubbing alcohol (i know this was not the best way to go about sterilization). i put the hoop in the alcohol too. i washed my hands and cleaned the area with alcohol. i sat down in my room and got the things ready and examined my hand web under the light to check how far i could pierce it. so then things were ready and i had the area marked. i took a deep breath and started to push the needle through. i don't know whether it was the 'emla' that had taken affect, but it didn't hurt too bad until it got to the middle. and from looking at it, you wouldn't think that your web is that thick but man, it seemed huge right then. and i've also read that the skin is really tough, and boy was it. i had to push really hard to get it to go the rest of the way through. and it hurt. i could feel it pop as the needle came out the other side. the placement was really good, even if i do say so myself :). so i sat there with the needle through my hand. it was starting to hurt quite a bit. i tried to move it around to get it looser but it was hard. i wasn't quite sure how to go about inserting the jewelry and i really should have thought of that before i started :Þ. so the only solution was to take the needle out and quickly put in the jewelry. it hurt taking the needle out and it started bleeding quite a bit. i tried to put the jewelry in and it only went in half way..it wouldn't go further!. it was bleeding a lot and i was trying to wipe the blood off but i had forgotten to get tissues (another stupid mistake of mine). so i sat there pushing as hard as i could to get the jewelry through and it just didn't work. i tried several times but it wasn't working and it was hurting. i wasn't feeling too great at this point. so i took the jewelry out and put the needle back in but that didn't work either. by this time it hurt quite a bit and i couldn't continue any longer since i was feeling really sick. my hand was bleeding and i felt faint. i quickly went to the bathroom to wash it off and everything started getting dark. i knew that if i didn't hurry and go lay down i was going to pass out!. out of all my piercings i've never felt like that. so needless to say my hand web piercing didn't work, but at least i tried and almost succeeded (and i would have if i had some sort of clamps or if the jewelry wasn't stubborn). i really hope to get try again in the near future because i really love how it looks. and i hope to have many other things done as well, especially a horizontal and vertical hood piercing..once i get up the nerve to have someone besides my girlfriend go down there yikes.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Oct. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: self
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Location: canada

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