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My nose is bleeding! (bridge)

attempt 1 Well, I've had quite a few piercings so far (my favorites being my apadravya and labret), but I wanted something to go well with my labret in photo shoots. I'd had my eyebrow done two other times, but both times I wound up taking it out. I just didn't really like it. I don't want to do a nose piercing (my nose is huge, I'd rather not draw more attention to it) this time either. After browsing BME, I came across my choice. I'd make my 13th body piercing a bridge piercing. It's a very masculine piercing, and goes well with my spiked labret to add a scary effect to it. This was the look I was going for with my music. Anyways, I set a few pieces of jewelry aside for it and called a friend of mine who does piercings. We decided to try two different pieces of jewelry and see what would fit me better. I brought a 12g 1/2" barbell and a 14g 7/16" bent barbell. We first got my friend ready for a double nipple pierce. He wanted them done at the same time, so I got to do one side. That was a rush (but his experience will explain it better). After him, it was my turn. We went back to the room, and I sat on her bench. She told me to relax and close my eyes. She first cleaned the area with betadine and changed gloves. Next was the marking. I told her I wanted it fairly low (even with my pupils when I look straight ahead). She used a pair of calipers and measured it up. The dots were placed and it was my turn to okay them. I looked in the mirror and since I'm an awful judge of angles, I said the right side looked a little high. She asked me if I was sure. I spend about 5 minutes looking from different angles, and I said yes. We lowered the dot about the length of one dot. I okayed that after about another 5 minutes of looking in the mirror. I then laid down on the table (which made me feel very uncomfortable, but I dealt with it). She put the clamps on and that didn't hurt at all. She told me start to relax. I told her I wanted it on the third breath. She okayed that, and I started breathing really slowly and let my mind drift off with the CD of Japanese music I brought with me. On the third exhale, she began piercing. She apologized after about 3 or 4 seconds for going so slow, but she wanted to get it right on the dots. It didn't bother me at all. It wasn't hurting. It only felt like she'd tightened the clamps a little bit. After about 10 seconds (I might be wrong on the time, the adrenaline changes your thought patterns) the needle is through and I take a deep cleansing breath. I'm surprised at the lack of pain, but that's nothing new (my PA, eyebrow, and labret didn't hurt at all either). Now the fun part, time for the jewelry. We went for the 14g I brought since the 12g had, as she put it, "scary threads!" She told me she was almost done and began to push it through. The threads had a bit of pain to them, but not even as much as my ear did. She warned me that she was a little shaky from a rush (it was her 3rd bridge piercing), but got the ball screwed on easily. She cleaned up less than a drop of blood, and some of the lube that was left. And told me she was done. I didn't even notice. I sat up and went for the mirror. Oh damn. It looked crooked. I wasn't totally happy. My friend couldn't tell, so the piercer and I agreed that I should keep it in for a while and if I hear from a lot of people that it looks crooked, we'd redo it. I okayed that and Chris and I paid and left. On the ride home, Chris was in a lot of pain from his pair of piercings and I was feeling great. I could see a glint of each ball when I was looking straight ahead, but could see them when I looked to a side. It was weird. I got a very small headache afterwards, but it was nothing. About 11:30PM (we were pierced around 7PM), I couldn't stand how my bridge looked anymore. I went in the bathroom and washed my hands really well, and then the piercing. I unscrewed the ball, and got ready to pull the bar out. It was in really tightly. I went back to my room to get some KY Jelly (I do piercings on friends sometimes myself), and lubed up the side that would come out. I started pulling and it hurt a bit, I won't lie about that. As it finally came out the other side, blood started pouring down my nose into the sink. I panicked, not expecting this. I finally found some tissues and put pressure on it. It took about 15 minutes and 6 totally soaked tissues to get the blood to stop. I was a little lightheaded, but nothing bad. After it finally stopped, there was no pain, and the next morning- no blood. Bridge attempt 2 Well, the first piercer (who doesn't want her name used) is on vacation now. I just can't stand being without my new piercing. I went to the store I'm a really familiar with called Venus & Mars. I walked in to talk with Mike about doing it. He said it would be cool. I'd be his 8th one (not many of these in Florida apparently). I showed him my jewelry and he looked at me funny. He said we'd need a much longer bar, and he'd prefer to do it with a straight barbell. I try not to question his judgment. He's great at what he does. I asked him if he minded doing it at 12g, and he said it'd be fine. I paid up front for the piercing and a 12g, 5/8" barbell. It came to $50 and I signed my life away for the 14th time. When Mike finished his other piercing it was my turn. We got in the room and toyed around with placement for about 15 minutes. After all of that and the small talk, he asked me if he could video tape it. I said sure (I'm not shy ;D), and he set up his camera. We got down to the piercing now and put the clamps on. This hurt a lot worse than the first time, but wasn't really bad. This time we were putting it a lot deeper, and a little lower. Once the clamps were on, the needle was lined up and a few breaths later it was going through. It took about 5-10 seconds to pierce it, but nothing bad. I didn't hurt that much. Mike gently took the clamps off and asked me if I felt okay (maybe he thought I fainted since I didn't flinch). I said fine. He got the barbell backed up and pushed through. I didn't even feel the threads this time. Nothing bad at all. Mike spent the next few minutes cleaning up his marks and taking a look. The whole time he was saying, "DAMN... This looks sweet." Afterwards, he had me look at the camera and we were done. I wiped a few tears from my eyes and went straight for the mirror. Dead on. Looked beautiful. I thanked Mike again and he wanted me to show everyone in the store. After getting positive response from that, I got to watch my video. Damn it looked different than I pictured. I couldn't see any of it, so I guess that's no surprise. I can barely see the balls on it, so I doubt I'll be going cross eyed. It's really deep so it should be in for a while. Now, aftercare is what I need to be concerned with. The first night with it was no problem. Before I went to sleep, I cleaned both sides a little with Bactine. It was hard to move the bar, so I didn't try to turn any inside. Sleeping was totally unaffected. The next morning I woke with a little black crust of blood dried onto both balls and it was swollen to the point where I couldn't see the bar at all (there wasn't much sticking out as it was). A few q-tips later, that was taken care of. I went to the mall with a friend of mine around 8PM and I loved the looks from people. We stopped for some food and I got a lot of questions from the people there. They also pointed out that it was bleeding. Damn, that kinda sucked. The rest of that day it would bleed quite a bit. At night, I cleaned it with Bactine again, but couldn't rotate it in. The bar is swollen inside of the piercing. Sleeping was hell. I woke up about 6AM (I normally wake up at 1 or 2PM) and found myself covered in blood. This isn't what I planned for since no one mentioned ANYTHING about bleeding. After cleaning for half and hour, I got it all off. Back to sleep and awake again at 10AM. More blood. I laid in bed until 11:30, but couldn't take it anymore. I got up and cleaned again. Damn, this thing's getting to be quite a chore. Around 1PM, I decided to clean it again. I had BIG black blood clots on both sides by now. After a few q-tips, I'd gotten all of that off. I then lathered up with antibacterial soap and started pushing the bar back and forth. As I did so, boy did the blood start to flow. It took a few tissues to stop it. I had to let it clot and leave more of those big black nasties to stop it. After this, I called Venus & Mars. I wanted to talk to Mike, see if this much bleeding as normal. He was in a piercing. I left a message with my friend Jerry and he said he'd tell him. About a half-hour later, I got a call. It was Jerry. He said Mike was busy, but wanted him to tell me it was normal for it to bleed a little, just to keep it clean. I doubt this is a little, but I said okay and thanked him for checking. Around 5:30, I cleaned it again (as per Mike's advise to keep it clean). It would NOT stop bleeding. It was just running down my nose. I tried a sea salt soak to relax it, but that opened it up worse it seems. It took me quite a while to get the bleeding to finally stop again. After it'd stopped, I called V&M again. Mike was out. I told Vicci to let him know how badly this is bleeding (almost as much as my apadravya did). She wrote down the message and said Mike would be back in an hour. Mike called me into the shop and I had a few friends follow (to drive). When I first walked in, Mike told me I'd need to start cleaning it better. I had two semi-large black blood clots on each side of it. He took me into the back piercing room and started to clean them off. I was trying to explain all of it to him, but he just didn't seem to get it. When he'd gotten it all off, it started to bleed again. He looked a little shocked, but gave me some q-tips and told me to keep dabbing the blood away while he went to do another piercing. Before he was done (which was about 40 minutes) it had finally stopped bleeding. I had the big black nasties back on it though. I just went to leave, Mike was busy and I was just wasting his time. On my way out, he came out of the piercing room and talked to me a little. He said it shouldn't keep bleeding for more than another day or so. When I got home, I took a long shower. At the very end, I let the water run hard on my bridge. I soaped it up and cleaned it well. After getting out, I had a thin trail of blood running down my nose on both sides. I wiped it off, and wound up with very small clots on both sides. No bleeding after that. I was nervous to sleep with it, but woke up with no more blood. Cleaning was easy, but it did bleed a little more. I got some great reactions during the day. I cleaned it again that night, little more blood. Good nights sleep, no more blood. The next cleaning didn't bleed at all. I think this should heal nicely. I don't really recommend this piercing to too many people. It does bleed (I've found it to be quite common from what Mike told me), and people see it as very barbaric. I'm one of the fortunate few that lives of a musical career, so my image isn't tainted by a job that won't allow it. To end up my experience, I'd like to just give you all the questions I get and how I answer them: Does that hurt? Not as much as my cock piercing. Does it go all the way through? No. It goes around my whole head. Does it go through the bone? Yes. You should have seen the drill they had to use! Why would you do that to yourself? (point to something random on them) Why would you do THAT to yourself? Send any questions you may have (other than the ones answered above) to MirrorGuy1@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Mike+Zaccardo
Studio: Venus+%26+Mars
Location: Orlando%2C+Florida

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